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    Land Rover Defender has become a convertible: long, expensive and stylish

    Heritage Customs from the Dutch town of Enter has unveiled the long-awaited open version of the British Land Rover Defender 90 SUV and has begun taking orders for it.

    In the factory range of the current Land Rover Defender, there is no open-top version, although its frame predecessor had one – it was called Soft Top. In 2021, Heritage Customs announced its own convertible based on the modern short-wheelbase Land Rover Defender 90, production was supposed to start in 2022, but development was delayed, but now Heritage Customs does not specify circulation limits (in 2021, the studio promised to make only five convertibles) , but only emphasizes that each instance will be unique in terms of finishing.

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    The full name of the project is Land Rover Defender Valiance Convertible, and the famous independent car designer Niels van participated in its development Roy (one of the co-founders of Heritage Customs), famous for a number of unique projects – shooting breaks based on various Ferrari models, Tesla Model S station wagon and a three-door version of the previous generation Range Rover.

    1/6 2/6 3/6 4/6 5/6 6/6The word Valiance in the model name refers to the visual customization program from Heritage Customs, with which you can significantly transform the look of any Land Rover Defender with a standard body, and Convertible is, therefore, a convertible. The metal roof of the original “three-door” was cut off completely, but the central pillars and the entire perimeter of the side doors were preserved. To give the body the necessary rigidity and protect riders in the event of a rollover, a strong tubular frame that meets FIA requirements is installed in the cabin. />

    The folding soft top is electrically operated, but it must be fixed manually. When folded, the roof is above the window sill line, so the SUV has retained a fairly roomy trunk, into which a shortened “gate” leads. The rear seat is a three-seater, meaning the convertible roof integration hasn't narrowed the interior.

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    The cost of the conversion is around €85,000 ex tax plus the cost of the donor car. The exact price depends on the finishing materials chosen by the customer, but the standard program in any case includes a complete interior reupholstery and Magic Metal inserts, exterior decor and Heritage Customs wheels (20- or 22-inch). For a surcharge, front sports seats and a unique body color are offered. Each Land Rover Defender Valiance Convertible will take approximately three months to complete.

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