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    Bottle of wine 'could be 50p cheaper' if Brexit cuts red tape

    Teresa Coffey says EU Reservation of Rights (REUL) reforms could mean cheaper wine for drinkers. Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA

    Cutting excess bureaucracy in the EU could cut the cost of a bottle of wine by 50p, said Environment Minister Teresa Coffey.

    ‌Ministers talk about proposals to capitalize on Brexit freedoms by removing 'unnecessary' bureaucracy from Brussels will 'rocket' the UK wine industry and potentially increase vineyard area by £180m.

    ‌The announcement will be seen as an attempt by the government to reignite enthusiasm for its Retaining EU Law (REUL) bill after ministers angered Brexiteers by abruptly scaling back plans to scrap thousands of European rules by the end of the year.

    Initially Ministers have pledged to complete the repeal of the 4,000 EU rules still on the UK statute by the end of 2023. But they have since reneged on that commitment, angering Brexiteers by reducing the list to 600.

    The rules can 'remove'

    Ms Coffey said the reforms provided by the new legislation could reduce the price of a bottle of wine by as much as 50p.

    ‌She said on Sunday's Sky's Sophy Ridge program: the European Union's plethora of rules.

    < p>‌“Currently, things like wine are governed by 400 pages of rules. We think a lot of that can be taken away and make sure that, frankly, it should potentially bring the cost of a bottle of wine down to 50p.”

    She added that it was “about making sure that we're taking advantage of the fact that we can set the rules in the future.”

    The government said the waiver of EU rules would give winemakers the freedom to choose from a wider range of vines, including those with more disease. resistant varieties.

    Expensive and burdensome packaging regulations will also be eliminated, including the requirement for some sparkling wines to have foil caps and mushroom caps.

    The REUL bill will return to the House of Representatives this week when the government will try to repeal several amendments passed by the Lords.

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