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    Middle class families face a 100 percent tax rate under the UK's “perverse” tax system.

    Harriett Baldwin thinks the Tories can keep Sir Keir Starmer in the general election if they can “go to the polls next year”. like a team.” Photo: JULIAN SIMMONDS.

    The British tax system is riddled with "perverted" Incentives and punitive fees that must be reformed to make work payable, warned the head of a powerful parliamentary committee. the edges of the rocks" in the current system, many have wondered if the extra hour of work is worth it.

    In an interview with the Telegraph, the former finance minister said that only people who make 'more than £250,000', 34; can avoid a complex web of thresholds and fees, which means some middle-class families face marginal tax rates in excess of 100 percent.

    Baldwin, who describes fighting double-digit inflation as Britain's number one economic challenge, says that people should know that the government is on their side.

    Inflation is expected to fall this week to its lowest level in a year in April, from 10.1% to 8.2%, from 10.1% to 8.2%, according to official data.

    However, the Bank of England predicts that price increases will last longer that maybe even Rishi Sunak is missing the goal of halving headlines by the end of the year.

    “Given this backdrop and the Chancellor’s stated goal of trying to encourage more people to return to work, we need to make sure that there are not these very perverse incentives that really make work very unattractive. ," she says.

    Soaring costs – annual CPI inflation

    Baldwin also believes that the big banks are not delivering the returns they deserve for depositors.

    Nikhil Rati, executive director of the city's watchdog, the Financial Supervisory Authority, told the committee that “the penalty is for loyalty.” faced by depositors of money was a cultural problem that could not be solved by naming and condemning the most notorious criminals.

    Threadneedle Street has also become more vocal about savers getting a rough deal. It highlights that the average readily available savings account is now paying at an interest rate of 1.53% compared to the bank rate of 4.5%.

    Now, TSC has expanded the scope of its savings investigation to include Nationwide, Santander, TSB and Virgin Money, although even she admits that TSC's influence has its limits.

    "I think your readers should understand that just as they are buying cheaper products or better prices on their electricity bills, they should be looking for better rates to save."

    The 63-year-old also says the Labor government will open the door to uncontrolled immigration and rising unemployment, adding that its leader Sir Keir Starmer has ordered his MPs to vote against new asylum laws designed to “stop the boats”. is another key promise from the prime minister this year.

    The former JP Morgan investment banker, who was chosen to head the cross-party committee last November, has had a busy six months. Baldwin interviewed everyone from Jeremy Hunt and Andrew Bailey to crypto industry lobbyists.

    She even got Alison Rose to face MPs after the NatWest boss said her diary was too full to answer questions about the bank. #39;rate of savings.

    Compared to her predecessor, Mel Stride, who was more in charge of the “economics committee” according to insiders; Baldwin has sharpened TSC's consumer teeth, and now 11 members are wondering if their insurance company is cheating loyal customers.

    Baldwin says she thinks conservatives are guided by two main principles.

    Money should be spent wisely, and taxes should be set at a level that “optimizes the Laffer curve.” is a theory named after former US President Ronald Reagan's political adviser that higher tax rates lead to lower incomes after a certain point because they discourage work.

    "[Tax rates] should& #39 “Doesn't hold back business investment and doesn't hold back people's own labor, which I think you're seeing right now.” she says.

    However, Baldwin disagrees with some of her colleagues who argue that overall tax rates must come down soon to have any hope of winning the next election.

    “I think every conservative wants to have economy with low taxes, but I would say that having spent £400 billion during the pandemic, I think people understand that we cannot pass this on as a burden to our children. . We must budget responsibly.

    Childcare tax trap

    It focuses on fixing flaws in the system, either by design or negligence, that are causing some families to experience spikes in marginal tax rates. Baldwin wants Hunt to fix some of the “bizarre cliff edges” “. faced by millions of families as tax-free benefits and social benefits, such as personal child support, are eliminated as incomes rise.

    "This isn't just a tax debate, everyone would like to see lower taxes. It also touches on some of the messages that the tax and benefit system sends to people about the ultimate value of that extra hour of work, and there are indeed a lot of very perverse messages that you get all over the place. tax and benefit system, " she says.

    She says the most egregious example has to do with parents earning between £100,000 and £130,000, who have deteriorated significantly since the chancellor expanded the budget for free childcare to one and two years.

    A single six-figure worker is not eligible for additional support. However, a family that both earn £99,999 can get 30 hours of free childcare.

    At the same time, the highest earners also receive their personal tax-free allowance at the rate of 1 £1 for every £2 earned between £100,000 and £125,140.

    This means that a parent in this income group with two children under the age of three, whose child care service charges the average hourly rate in England for 40 hours a week, will be worse off than a parent earning £99,000 after these reforms. .

    When asked if she asked if she felt it necessary to change the current system to ensure wages, Baldwin says, “Absolutely, who doesn't think so? And for every extra pay raise you should get paid more, and for every extra hour you work you should get more.

    I would argue that the evidence we have obtained through our tax credits and our and our cliff edge investigation shows that this is not the case across our entire tax system.

    0505 income tax chart

    Topic moves on to the next election . With a majority of 25,000 in West Worcestershire, Baldwin's seat is considered safe – even in today's political climate.

    She says she doesn't take anything for granted. “All this nonsense with three different prime ministers last year, there is no question that would annoy many of my constituents,” she says.

    A thinly veiled mockery of the short premiership of Liz Truss, who said, left the markets without “confidence in the budget process.” followed by praise for the former Prime Minister's successor.

    Baldwin, who backed Penny Mordaunt's bid for the top job last summer, praises Sunak.

    "Colleagues were very pleased with the level of detail with which he grasped things" she says, suggesting that the only way the Tories can fight off Labor for a fifth time is by reconciling differences within the party.

    "We need to go to the polls next year as a team . So we need to follow our prime minister.”

    Baldwin, who studied French and Russian at university, says the stakes are high. “I have only one political goal in life – to keep the socialists out of power.” she says.

    "I went to the Soviet Union when it was still the Soviet Union. And I wasn't interested in politics at that stage of my life, but I said, “Whatever this political system is, I'm the opposite of it.”

    “Therefore, we must stand for a center-right party that supports business, ensures that people will have the opportunity to get a good education, good public services and good jobs.

    “This is what I stand for. That's what we'll talk about next year's elections.

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