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    Trudeau was praised for using “feet mannerisms” during a trip to South Korea to become “shorter”

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's “foot education” gesture has been hailed by South Korean media. Credit: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AP

    Justin Trudeau has received praise in South Korea for using so-called “manner legs” – an unusually wide pose that reduces your height – while taking photos with one of the country's most senior politicians.

    A photo of the Canadian Prime Minister standing awkwardly with his feet a couple of feet apart to appear smaller and match the height of Kim Jin Pyo, speaker of the South Korean National Assembly, went viral last week.

    During the handshake, Mr. Kim good-naturedly stood on his tiptoes to try to make up for the reported eight-inch height difference between the two men. Mr. Trudeau, who is 6ft 1in, reciprocated by first bending his knees and then spreading his legs to match Kim's look.

    Known locally as “campy legs,” the concept is popular among tall male Korean celebrities as a mark of respect, as well as to account for the large height difference between make-up artists, interviewers, fellow actors, and fans, according to the Korea Times.

    'Moving scene'

    Korean media applauded the Canadian leader's gesture, with the Chosun Ilbo newspaper commenting that it was a 'touching scene' that prompted politicians and officials in the room to 'burst into laughter' “.

    Local broadcaster YTN reported that the move made Trudeau look “as caring as he is tall”. The Toronto Star offered its own analysis, citing Korean-Canadian Yongmi Lee, who explained that it's considered disrespectful in Korea for someone younger to look down on an older person.

    “In my opinion, our prime minister has done everything possible to try to be on the same level,” she told the newspaper. “There are many ways to do 'proper legs', but I think some of his assistants showed him pictures of different kinds.”

    Gong Yoo, known for his many acting roles including “Train to Busan” and “The Squid Game”, and Lee Kwang Soo, another well-known actor who is over 6'3″, are both known for their “polite legs”.

    Mr. Trudeau's step on a three-day trip to South Korea marking the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations is not the first time he has gone viral when meeting a fellow politician.

    The Prime Minister of Canada seemed ready for Donald Trump's proverbial “alpha-grip-and-fight” handshake when they first met as leaders. his biceps.

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