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    Sable NN, CITYMAX 9 and Gazelle e-City win Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year

    On May 23, within the framework of the international exhibition of commercial vehicles and technologies COMVEX, the results of the competition “Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia” were summed up. GAZ vehicles won in three nominations at once and were highly appreciated by automotive industry experts for their significant contribution to the efficiency of freight and passenger traffic. Sobol NN, CITYMAX 9 and Gazelle e-City received awards in a prestigious competition.

    The annual competition “Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia” has been held since 2001 and is an authoritative event during which experts from the professional automotive community evaluate participants based on such parameters as the novelty of technical solutions, operating costs, sales volume, financial conditions of the acquisition and availability service. The main criterion for choosing the winners is the contribution made to improving the efficiency of freight and passenger transportation.

    As part of the 23rd awards ceremony, GAZ vehicles won in three categories:

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  • Sobol NN was named Best Commercial Vehicle Van/Small Vehicle of the Year. Compact, maneuverable and at the same time roomy delivery van is ideal for comfortable movement in dense urban areas and work in delivery services and the online trade segment. Due to its compact dimensions and a turning radius at the level of a car (5.4 m), Sobol NN can easily move in heavy traffic, drive through narrow streets and busy warehouses, park in yards without interfering with cars. With a height of less than 2.5 m, it allows driving into car washes and low arches of houses, and a standard parking area of ​​13.5 m2 ensures convenient parking even in the most cramped conditions. Due to single tires, the car has an extended loading space, which allows you to place three euro pallets inside the cargo compartment. For the comfort of the driver’s workplace, already in the basic version, the air conditioning system, as well as the seat with heating, a suspension mechanism and the ability to adjust in 18 directions, are responsible. The all-wheel disc braking system and LED headlights greatly increase the safety of the car.
    • Low-floor mid-range bus CITYMAX 9 wins Bus/Electric Bus of the Year. Designed to carry up to 84 passengers, the new generation bus is designed to operate on city routes. This is a unique model for the Russian market, which has no analogues in its segment. Two spacious doors located in the base made it possible to provide CITYMAX 9 with the largest low floor area in the middle class (10 m2). The layout of the cabin and the fastening of the seats to the sidewalls of the body make it easier to move around the cabin, and the absence of steps near the doors ensures ease of entry/exit and speeds up passenger exchange at stops. The design features of the machine facilitate the work of the driver due to the ergonomic workplace, high maneuverability and the complete absence of blind spots when boarding/disembarking passengers. The kneeling system, together with a mechanical ramp, a specially equipped area for wheelchairs and a spacious storage area with lumbar supports, make CITYMAX 9 adapted for the transportation of passengers with limited mobility. The body of the bus is made of composite materials, which are lightweight, durable and not subject to corrosion. The reduction in body weight, achieved through the use of modern composite materials, can significantly reduce fuel consumption. The air suspension is responsible for the softness of the ride and comfort during the trip, and the large glass area provides the best visibility for passengers and the driver. ” />
      • In the nomination “Perspective of the Year” the winner was Gazelle e-City– electric modification of the Gazelle City minibus with a power reserve of up to 150 km on a single charge. The car provides the ability to quickly charge up to 80% battery capacity in 45 minutes. The car is designed to carry 16 passengers, has 10 stationary seats and 3 folding seats. The electric Gazelle e-City retains all the advantages of the base model, which ensure the comfort and safety of the trip. Thanks to the original frame with a lowered central part, the minibus has no steps at the entrance, which facilitates the process of boarding and disembarking. A spacious storage area in the central part of the cabin, a system for lowering the floor height at stops, a wide double door with an electric drive provide accessibility for passengers with limited mobility. The air suspension on the rear axle ensures a smooth ride, while the electric operation gives the machine the added benefit of reducing noise and emissions.

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