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    SNP urged not to put pressure on the police in connection with the “missing money” scandal

    Police in Scotland insist the raid on Nicola Sturgeon's house was “proportionate”. Photo: Watty Chung.

    Scotland's top officer has warned the SNP not to put pressure on the police in connection with the investigation into party finances. To discredit the investigation, Sir Ian Livingston warned that he would “resolutely resist any attempt to exert political pressure” to influence the activities of the police.

    April 5, Ms. Sturgeon's house was searched, and her husband Peter Murrell is arrested. . The SNP's headquarters in Edinburgh were also raided, and the party's luxury motor home was confiscated on Dunfermline's driveway to the home of Mr Murrell's elderly mother.

    Questions have been raised about the timing of the raids: the warrant was issued two weeks after the police first told the Queen's Office that they wanted to search the house only after the competition for leadership of the SNP had ended.

    A few numbers SNP. such as Murray Foote, a former SNP media chief, and Noel Dolan, a former aide to Ms. Sturgeon, have suggested that the police actions were heavy-handed. world and were associated with a sharp drop in support for nationalists in the polls.

    A 'grotesque circus'

    Mr Foote called the search a 'grotesque circus' and said he thought no charges would ever be brought, while Mr Dolan said the Prime Minister would never have been treated the same way.

    Sir Ian, however, speaking at a meeting of Police Scotland warned that “grossly inaccurate statements and uninformed speculation will only prejudice justice, infringe on the rights of individuals and undermine the rule of law.”< /p>

    The Chief Constable added: “Decisions are made and will be based on public safety and the rule of law and not on politics or any constitutional position.” the unit continues its investigation into the financing and finances of the Scottish National Party, working closely and consulting with experienced independent prosecutors in the Prosecution Service and the Prosecution Service Fiscal.

    “A thorough, thorough and proportionate criminal investigation is conducted in good faith. And two people were arrested and subsequently released without charge pending further investigation, which is ongoing.

    “I fully understand, acknowledge and accept the high level of public interest in this particular case. But due process must and will always be respected, in whatever time frame is necessary—time limits set by investigative considerations, not political considerations.”

    “Unexpected and Unwanted” Events

    Scottish Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Safety Russell Findlay MSP said: “It is quite unusual that even the Chief Constable of Scotland should be told about this.”

    those who appear to be acting on behalf of the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon.

    “These people belittle themselves and risk undermining the rule of law, which is inviolable. They need to back off and let the police get on with their work.”

    Colin Beatty, MSP and former SNP Treasurer, is another person arrested as part of the police investigation.

    Mr. Murrell, a longtime executive director of the SNP and married Ms. out of office in March, taking the blame for the party lying about its membership numbers.

    Ms Sturgeon, who denies the police investigation had anything to do with her shocking decision to resign in February, said this week that the events were “unexpected and unwanted.”

    She declined to answer detailed questions about the episode, such as whether she knew her group had bought a luxury motorhome that was parked on driveway to her mother-in-law's house, citing a direct investigation.

    SNP sources claim the vehicle was intended to be used as a battle bus during the 2021 Holyrood election campaign, but it was not needed after Covid restrictions were lifted.

    SNP contacted for comments.

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