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Tories beat Labor in Blue Wall for the first time since Rishi Sunak's premiership

Rishi Sunak's net approval rating also surpassed that of Sir Keir Starmer. Credit: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

Conservatives outpace Labor at the Blue Wall for the first time since Rishi Sunak became prime minister, according to new poll.

A Redfield & A May 22 Wilton Strategies poll showed Tories with 34% and Labor with 33% in dozens of seats likely to be decisive in the next general election.

Mr Sunak's party scored two percentage points. in the previous poll two weeks earlier, while the Labor Party fell three points.

The Blue Wall refers to some 42 wealthy constituencies in the south of England that have traditionally been considered safe Conservative seats but have come under threat in recent years.

In the 2019 general election, the Tories won all 42 seats from « Blue Wall” and received about 50% of the vote in these constituencies, while the Liberal Democrats came in second with 27% and Labor came in third with 21%.

Sunak's approval rating is higher. Starmer

There were other encouraging signs for Mr Sunak as his net approval rating surpassed that of Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer. % approve Sir Keir and 31% disapprove.

Prime Minister also surpassed Sir Keir in most leadership qualities surveyed.

More Blue Wall voters believe Mr. Sunak can work well with foreign leaders, is a strong leader and can build a strong economy, an area in which he leads by 11 percentage points amid early signs of success in his pledge to lower inflation.

In addition, he has a better understanding of the challenges facing the UK, is in good physical and mental health, and inspires hope and pragmatism for the future.

At the same time, more voters believe that Sir Keir represents change, cares “about people like me” and demonstrates a willingness to work with other political parties where possible.

The way to go beyond the Blue Wall

Outside the Blue Wall, Mr. Sunak still has more than take up a net approval rating of minus 11 percent, while Sir Keir has a positive rating of four percent.

Earlier this week, Redfield & A Wilton poll showed Labor's lead over the Tories fell to 12 points, the smallest joint lead since Mr Sunak took office on 25 October last year.

Because by the end of 2022 he the poll showed that over half of all voters (51%) currently disapprove of the government's handling of British borders, with another 21% in favor.

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