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Twitter CTO reveals release hours after DeSantis 'fiasco'

Many users were unable to hear the Ron DeSantis campaign launch after the Twitter audio stream crashed. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Twitter CTO announced his retirement from the social media platform, choosing to step down on the day of the presidential premiere of Ron DeSantis as a result of a car accident with Elon Musk.

Foad Dabiri announced on Twitter, that he made the decision on Wednesday to “leave the nest” almost four years after he joined the company in 2019.

Mr. Dabiri described his role at LinkedIn as “a lead engineer in organizing the growth of Twitter” .

According to sources. The Telegraph reports that his departure has nothing to do with the launch and has already been decided in advance.

It's the latest exit from Twitter, which has laid off more than half of its staff since it was acquired by Mr Musk last year in a $44bn (£36.5bn) deal.

“In my time @Twitter, I have lived through two different eras: before and after mergers and acquisitions. Both came with their own challenges, but they also shared a great mission and a team of great people,” Mr. Dabiri tweeted.

Commenting on his experience on Twitter after the takeover, Mr Dabiri added: “To say it was difficult from the start would be an understatement. The changes were massive and fast; we made it through and got stronger thanks to the great team that held the fortress.”

Mr. Dabiri also said that working with Mr. Musk was “very educational” and it was “instructive” to see how the billionaire "principles and vision" are shaping the future of Twitter.

Mr. Dabiri's announcement Thursday comes a day after the launch of Mr. DeSantis' long-awaited Twitter campaign suffered a series of hiccups.

The social media platform was overwhelmed as nearly half a million people tried to listen to the event on Twitter Spaces, a feature that allows users to have live audio conversations.

Hundreds of thousands of listeners were met with more than 20 minutes of silence, background noise and bizarre music.

The Florida Governor was joined by Musk and host David Sacks, who said there was clear demand for the event ” melted the servers.

The crisis has led Mr. DeSantis' rivals – from President Biden to Donald Trump – to mock the platform's chaotic launch event.

However, Mr. Musk was quick to dismiss claims that the streaming fiasco marked failure for the social network. networks.

Thursday morning, Mr. Musk said the launch of the campaign was “big news on Earth today” and received “tremendous attention.”

Billionaire-turned-US rights activist and promising to defend freedom of speech on Twitter, also said “all presidential candidates are welcome on this platform.”

This was the latest downfall for Twitter, which has endured crashes and crashes. under the leadership of Mr. Musk.

Earlier this month, Mr. Musk announced that Linda Iaccarino, former head of advertising for US media giant NBCUniversal, will become chief executive, allowing him to focus on product design and new technologies.

Twitter and Mr. Dabiri did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publication.

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