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    New generation Lancia Ypsilon: HF sports version and Spanish assembly at the Opel factory

    The new Ypsilon will not only symbolize the revival of the Lancia brand and its return to the large European market, but will also return the forgotten letters HF to circulation , which previously denoted sports versions of Lancia models.

    In 2024, a new era will begin for the Lancia brand, owned by Stellantis Corporation: Lancia, now represented only in its native Italy with the only Ypsilon model, will return to the big the European market with a completely new Ypsilon, which will be based on the French CMP modular platform, or rather its most recent version.

    The new Ypsilon will be offered both with hybrid powertrains based on gasoline combustion engines and as an electric vehicle. In 2028, Lancia plans to completely switch to “electric trains”, that is, the production of “hydrocarbon” versions of Ypsilon will be curtailed by that time.

    The design of the new Ypsilon will be made in the spirit of the Lancia Pu + Ra HPE concept presented in April, that is, it will differ significantly from the current hatchback, which has been produced since 2011 and periodically receives updates – it experienced the last small upgrade in January of this year.

    Even at the presentation of Lancia Pu + Ra HPE, Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano showed journalists a slide on which, in addition to the three previously announced models, the fourth was announced. The three previously announced new items are, in fact, the new Ypsilon (2024), the Gamma crossover (2026) and the new Delta (2028). Gamma and Delta will initially be offered only as electric vehicles, they will receive the STLA Medium platform.

    The fourth model is the Lancia Ypsilon HF hot hatch, which should see the light of day in 2025. The letters HF stand for High Fidelity and mean high performance, in the last century Lancia widely used them to label their sports models, the letters HPE, as on the Pu + Ra concept, are much less replicated. Meanwhile, it was the Ypsilon HF version that did not have before.

    Ypsilon HF will receive a wider and lower body compared to other versions of the model, a modified chassis and a power plant with a capacity of about 240 hp. – however, it is not yet clear which one, hybrid or fully electric. On the CMP platform, Stellantis did not have such a powerful model before.

    At the end of last week, the Spanish media (in particular, the Moncloa newspaper) reported that the Stellantis management chose the Opel plant in the city of Figuelas (Zaragoza province) as the main and only site for the production of the new Lancia Ypsilon, the plant will need an additional shift due to such a happy addition, about 600 new jobs will be created. Opel's plant in Zaragoza was built in 1982 and now produces the Opel Corsa hatchback and the Opel Crossland subcompact crossover.

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