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    SNP investigation and raid on Nicola Sturgeon's home prompted by 'misogyny', friend claims

    On April 5, police raided Ms Sturgeon's home in Wuddington, near Glasgow. One of her closest friends said the raid was fueled by misogyny.

    Val McDermid, a crime writer, attempted to play down the seriousness of the police investigation into the SNP's finances, which resulted in the arrest of Ms. Sturgeon's husband, Peter Murrell, and a warrant for their home.

    She said she believed the investigation was for reasons other than alleged criminality, with criminal complaints motivated by sexism and people who “hate Nicola.” public figures and insisted that their investigation was proportionate.

    However, Ms McDermid, admitting she was unaware of the specifics of the investigation, added: “I certainly don't think we're talking about a big the train robbery is here.”

    On 5 April police raided Ms Sturgeon's home in Wuddington, near Glasgow.

    Ms McDermid, who has been friends with Ms Sturgeon since 2015, said the police dug garden, and implied that even the former SNP leader and Mr. Murrell did not know what the detectives were looking for.

    Although the police officers were depicted with gardening equipment in Ms. Sturgeon's home, it is clear that claims that they were digging Ms. Sturgeon's garden are not true. .

    “They took scissors, toothbrushes and the like and dug the back gardens,” Ms. McDermid told The Sunday Mail.

    &#34. This seems unusual for a financial crime. None of us know what the charges are, because there were no charges.

    “It seems to me that this is completely motivated not by the specific alleged crimes, but by other reasons, but I can only shrug. shoulders and say, “I have no idea.”

    Peter Murrell and Nicola Sturgeon: Timeline

    Who was the chief executive of the SNP for over two decades, Mr Murrell was questioned by police for 11 hours before being released without charge pending further investigation.

    Colin Beatty, former treasurer of the SNP, was later arrested and also released without charge.

    Ms McDermid said it was a “difficult situation”. She added: “I don't think anyone knows what's going on. Even those behind this don't understand what's going on.

    "Like most people in Scotland, I have no idea what's going on and I think people are so used to rumors insinuations and slander that they are confused"

    < p>The 67-year-old author said that she is “absolutely not a conspiracy theorist” and does not believe that “some terrible conspiracy” is behind all this against Nicola Sturgeon.

    However, she suggested that these filings with the police were motivated by sexism rather than a genuine concern for breaking the law.

    Police in Scotland ransack Peter Murrell's home earlier this year. Photo: Wattie Cheung/Wattie Cheung

    “I think it’s that there are a few people who are up to something, and a lot of other people who for some reason hate Nicola, mostly because of misogyny, have just joined him,” she said.

    "I don't really understand what's going on, but I definitely don't think we're talking about a big train robbery here.

    The police started looking into the SNP's finances after some members complained that the money they donated to the independence referendum campaign, which never took place, disappeared from the party's accounts.

    They had previously been assured that the cash would be secured for use in a future referendum.

    Police investigations are believed to have expanded: the SNP headquarters in Edinburgh was also raided, and a luxury motorhome bought with party money was confiscated in the driveway of Mr Murrell's elderly mother.

    On Last week, Sir Ian Livingston, Chief Executive of Police Scotland, defended the investigation amid growing criticism from Sturgeon's allies for being heavy-handed.

    Sir Ian Livingston, Chief Executive of Police Scotland, defended the investigation. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA. Dolan publicly criticized the police.

    Sir Ian said last week that the criminal investigation was “thorough, thorough and proportionate” in a thinly veiled response to the attacks.

    A call from “public figures” , commenting on the case to act “prudently and responsibly”, he added: “Totally inaccurate statements and uninformed speculation will only serve to prejudice justice, infringe on individual rights and undermine the rule of law.” /p>

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