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    Alfa Romeo Giulia from ErreErre Fuoriserie: 60s style and modified technical filling

    The Italian company ErreErre Fuoriserie presented an updated version of its retro mod based on the modern Alfa Romeo Giulia sports sedan, now it is even more similar to the classic one of the same name model (Tipo 105), which was produced from 1962 to 1978.

    ErreErre Fuoriserie presented the first version of its retro mod last summer, it attracted a lot of attention, because in Europe this type of tuning is not very common – usually modern cars are styled as classic ones in the USA and Japan, the best example of this is the products of the Mitsuoka company.

    Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia Tipo 105 1/3 Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia Tipo 105 2/3 Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia Tipo 105 3/3

    In Europe, restomoding is much more popular, that is, the modernization and stylistic modification of classic cars, but ErreErre Fuoriserie took the opposite route and, admittedly, it turned out cool, although expensive – for the cars of the first series, the Italian company asked 245,000 euros plus a donor Alfa Romeo Giulia in the top version of Quadrifoglio with a 2.9-liter 510-horsepower V6 biturbo engine.

    Recently, ErreErre Fuoriserie presented a modified, final version of its retro mod, which better matches the spirit of the classic Alfa Romeo Giulia Tipo 105, is more elegant in detail and, in addition, has a number of technical improvements compared to the donor car. All new external body parts are made of carbon fiber, the final version of the model received deliberately angular door handles, a gray radiator grille instead of black, side moldings (the first version of the retromod did not have them) and new “optics”: if the first version of the retromod borrowed headlights and lanterns from Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV, the second has its own custom-made diode lighting equipment in a classic style.

    1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4

    In addition, the shape of the sidewalls, hood and bumpers has been edited. The rear bumper retains a developed diffuser with two large exhaust pipes in the center. An active splitter is installed under the front bumper. The image is completed by custom-made forged wheels, stylized as stamped wheels of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Tipo 105. The interior of the final version of the retro-fashion is re-upholstered in leather and suede and additionally decorated with lacquered carbon fiber.

    1/3 2/3 < img src="/wp- content/uploads/2023/11/97dfd347449db5460685724946557130.jpg" /> 3/3

    The V6 engine on the ErreErre Fuoriserie sedan has been boosted from 510 hp. and 600 Nm up to 562 hp. and 680 Nm – this is even more than the rare stock top version of the Giulia GTA. The gearbox is a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed hydromechanical ZF automatic, the drive wheels are rear. The suspension features a set of adjustable Bilstein B16 springs and shock absorbers and is optimally tuned. The brakes are carbon-ceramic, the diameter of the front discs is 390 mm, the rear discs are 360 ​​mm. Tires – Pirelli P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico 2 sizes 245/35 ZR 19 front and 285/30 ZR 19 rear.

    Last year's version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia from ErreErre Fuoriserie 1/2 Last year's version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia from ErreErre Fuoriserie 2/2

    ErreErre Fuoriserie will produce only 33 copies of the final version of its retro mod, the price has increased to 400,000 euros without taxes, but it already includes a donor sedan. The production of one machine takes about six months.

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