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    Linking to the course was inexpensive

    Since the beginning of October, export duty collections on a wide range of goods, tied to the ruble exchange rate, amounted to 30 billion rubles, said acting head of the Federal Customs Service Ruslan Davydov. According to him, the amount received from them is comparable to the daily customs collections into the budget. Let us remind you that the duty amount is 4–7% depending on the ruble exchange rate.

    The Russian Federal Customs Service received RUB 30 billion. from the export duty introduced on October 1 on a wide range of goods, said acting head of the service Ruslan Davydov at the plenary session of the International Customs Forum. “In general figures for the budget, these are small values,” he added. According to him, the service collects on average 26–27 billion rubles into the budget every day. The payment plan to the state budget for the department for the current year is 6.464 trillion rubles, but with regard to imports it has already been exceeded, Ruslan Davydov noted earlier.

    Let us remind you that from October 1, Russia has had flexible export duties on a wide range of goods linked to the ruble exchange rate, including alcohol, tobacco, fish and dairy products, sugar, confectionery, cocoa, mining products, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy , precious metals, coal and fertilizers. The duty is 4% at an exchange rate of more than 80 and less than 85 rubles per dollar, 4.5% at an exchange rate of 85–90 rubles per dollar, 5.5% at an exchange rate of more than 90 to less than 95 rubles per dollar, and 7% at course over 95 rubles inclusive.

    According to the explanatory note to the draft federal budget for 2024 and the planning period 2025–2026, on average the government expected to collect about 50 billion rubles from exchange rates. per month.

    Duties apply to all exports, in addition to oil, gas, grain, timber and a number of other items.

    Also, goods with a high share of imported components purchased for foreign currency and high-value products in their cost were excluded from export duties.

    The forum also discussed the possibilities of speeding up logistics – Ruslan Davydov suggested that in the future a single window could be created for participants in foreign trade activities, including with the Russian Export Center. For now, the service intends to speed up the inspection process by moving part of the operations inland (in the event of “economic” risks, rather than security risks), as well as introducing the release of goods from the ship – this requires preliminary submission of declarations.

    < p class="doc__thought">Business, in turn, is still concerned about cross-border payments – the forum also discussed payments for deliveries in cash, as well as the use of barter.

    So far companies, however, are increasingly resorting to more complex supply and payment chains. In the future, digital currencies should facilitate payments, but this will require uniform standards for the use of digital currencies of central banks in international trade, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Moiseev said at the forum. The Bank of Russia, we recall, launched a pilot on the use of the digital ruble in August of this year – it is expected that it should be completed in 2025.

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