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    Aitekx RoboTruck: a creepy parody of the Tesla Cybertruck was shown live in Los Angeles

    There weren’t many high-profile premieres at the Los Angeles Auto Show that opened yesterday, the most curious of which was definitely the electric pickup truck RoboTruck from the company Aitekx, shamelessly copying the design and some layout solutions of the Tesla Cybertruck.

    The long-awaited premiere of the production Tesla Cybertruck pickup will take place on November 30, but it already has dozens of homemade imitators made from scrap materials by garage craftsmen, and the Aitekx RoboTruck is the first conventionally industrial “counterfeit.” Conditionally, because so far the Aitekx RoboTruck exists only in the form of a prototype made on the knee of terrible quality, and mass production is planned to begin in 2025, and even then, few people believe that this will happen.

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    The Aitekx startup is based in the legendary Silicon Valley (USA, California), but who is behind it and who funds it is unknown; this information is not available on the young company’s website. Aitekx plans to produce and sell the RoboTruck 1T electric pickup truck and the RoboTruck 1V three-row SUV based on it. The SUV currently exists only at the teaser level, but the company was not afraid to show the prototype of the pickup truck live in Los Angeles.

    We haven’t found any official photos of the Aitekx RoboTruck 1T prototype, but it can be seen, for example, in a report from the American magazine Electrek: a live car makes a much more heartbreaking impression than the official computer renderings in our article. The prototype is made on the basis of some middle-aged serial pickup truck; the cabin seems to be taken from the Toyota Tacoma of the generation before last and is lined with crooked panels on top, forming an image vaguely similar to the one shown in the renderings. In the cabin there is an ugly plastic front panel with bulges and roughly screwed-on monitors. In general, it’s terrible so far, but representatives of Aitekx assure that the production machine will be much more accurate, and the prototype is good at least because it works – they say, work is in full swing, engineers are poring over drawings, testers are testing, success is just a stone's throw .

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    Not a word is said about the pickup’s power plant on the company’s website; it is only known that on one charge the Tesla-like truck will be able to travel 885 km, acceleration from zero to 60 mph (96.56 km/h) will take only 3.5 seconds, maximum speed – 265 km/h. The overall length of the pickup is 4775-5029 mm depending on the version, width is 1946 mm. The useful length of the cargo area is 1859 mm, but it can be increased to 2896 mm if you remove the partition between the body and the cab and lower the tailgate (we saw a similar solution on the Fisker Alaska pickup truck).

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    The basic version of the Aitekx RoboTruck 1T with rear-wheel drive and a single-row cab will cost from $45,000, rear-wheel drive Crew Cab version starts at $59,000, Crew Cab AWD version starts at $79,000, and the top-of-the-line Sports Signature Crew Cab version starts at $99,000. Options include up- and side-opening doors, an off-road package, a tonneau cover and retractable ramp, wireless battery charging, a tent and camping equipment, roof rails, additional lighting, and more. At full price, the top version of the pickup will cost $114,000!

    On the website Aitekx is already accepting pre-orders for the RoboTruck 1T, but it is unlikely that there will be a queue for them, like for the Tesla Cybertruck, the number of pre-orders for which, as is known, has exceeded 1.6 million.

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