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    Experts saw a dangerous trend in the raids on Crimea: Kyiv is preparing for something

    Knutov told what targets Ukrainian drones are attacking

    The unmanned attack on Crimea on the night of November 24 may mean that Kiev is preparing a larger-scale raid on the peninsula. Military expert Yuri Knutov told MK about this. According to him, such an alarming scenario is likely if the weather does not interfere with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces are not giving up attempts to attack the Crimean Peninsula. Thus, on the night of November 24, three groups of drones were launched from the Kherson region to Crimea. At the same time, the drones turned out to be very selective and skillfully skirted the areas where our air defense systems were deployed. However, all 12 drones were shot down by our crews of the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun complex in the vicinity of Dzhankoy, and another one was destroyed by border guards southwest of Krasnoperekopsk.

    Apparently, the enemy was looking for ways to railway station or military airfield in Dzhankoy.

    Military experts saw an omen in this attack. As a rule, the Rybar channel noted, “such attacks are intended to determine the location of air defense forces before launching a larger missile strike.” The military expert gives a disappointing forecast: in the near future we can expect raids on the northern regions of Crimea in case of favorable weather conditions.

    And the Militarist channel noted: “The Ukrainian Armed Forces are probably planning a new large-scale attack, which will involve ATACMS, Neptune, Storm Shadow missiles and loitering ammunition, which will put pressure on Russian air defense using various elements simultaneously.”

    Military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov believes that such preliminary raids are nothing new in terms of tactics.

    – Even during the Great Patriotic War, the enemy used reconnaissance in force, let’s say, on the ground and made aerial attempts to penetrate certain protected objects. These attempts were also aimed at opening up the air defense system for subsequent massive attacks.

    According to the expert, the enemy in this case is pursuing another goal – trying to wear out our air defense combat crews.

    – Night strikes exhaust the personnel of air defense crews. There is little time left for rest. That is why at one time in Vietnam there were three combat crews per anti-aircraft missile division. They changed each other. Thus, this kind of problem of disturbing raids was solved.

    – The blows, of course, will intensify. They speak about this directly in Kyiv. They are increasing the purchase of drones and their production. Or rather, the assembly of ready-made kits.

    – Certainly. In bad weather, 80% of unmanned aerial vehicles do not fly. But there are 20% that are adapted for flying in bad weather and even rain. Such drones have special navigation equipment that can operate even in rainy weather and transmit information. Therefore, it is wrong to hope that rain will prevent drones from flying. We must be prepared to meet the enemy in any weather conditions. But we must pay tribute, all of our anti-aircraft missile systems are capable of operating effectively both in rain and in blizzards or frost. For our air defense systems, in this regard, there are no obstacles.

    – The main task now is to strike assembly plants in Ukraine and reduce the number of ready-made long-range aircraft-type drones.

    The enemy, with the help of NATO intelligence, reveals some of our air defense locations, but we have the opportunity to change them periodically… This is also not news. But the creation of air defense lines and the improvement of electronic warfare stations that could prevent such flights deep into our territory is an urgent task.

    I talk about this very often and believe that until we create lines in addition with the on-site air defense system that we have, this problem will be quite difficult to solve.

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