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    It became known when AVTOVAZ will begin production of the Lada Iskra

    The production of cars of the new budget family of the Russian brand will be launched at the company’s plant in Tolyatti. Prototypes are already undergoing road tests.

    Today, Granta plays the role of the cheapest car of the Lada brand. This year, the model remains a bestseller on the Russian car market: according to Autostat, in the first ten months it sold 164.2 thousand copies throughout the country, which is 2.6 times more than in January-October 2022. Last summer it became known that a replacement for the Granta family was already being prepared.

    In the photo: the current Lada Granta sedan

    The new family, which will later replace the Lada Granta, was given the name Iskra. Let us remind you that the replacement will not happen immediately, since the Grants are planned to be kept on the assembly line until 2027 (it is assumed that by this time the model will “outlive its useful life”).

    It was previously reported that production of Iskra models will begin at the end of 2024. Now the launch date has been postponed: as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to AVTOVAZ President Maxim Sokolov, production of the new Lada model will start at the beginning of 2025. “State employees” will enter the assembly line of a plant located in Tolyatti (Grants are currently produced at the same enterprise).

    Render of Lada Iskra. Artist – Nikita Chuiko

    According to the head of AVTOVAZ, “this will be the most widespread, most affordable Russian passenger car on a high-tech platform.” Last year, plans were announced to develop a separate Lada family in the B segment “on a global platform”; we are talking about the CMF-B “trolley” developed by Renault, which was planned to be modified. Let us remind you that the French company was previously the owner of AVTOVAZ, but in 2022 it left the Russian Federation. The name Iskra was officially assigned to the family in mid-June of this year.

    At the same time, Maxim Sokolov explained that the Lada Iskra will be produced in three modifications, in his words, these are “a sedan, a station wagon and, probably, a cross-country station wagon.” If recent rumors in local media are to be believed, the Iskra will be available in sedan, hatchback and cross-hatchback variants. It was also previously reported that prototypes of the new Lada are already undergoing road tests.

    It was previously reported that the company was going to achieve “the maximum possible degree of localization of the new model.” Investments in the project for the development and production of Lada Iskra last summer were estimated at 37 billion rubles. According to the head of AVTOVAZ, the cars of the new Iskra family will be slightly larger than the current four- and five-door Grants. In addition, it is expected that the design will feature style features of the current Lada Vesta. One of the options for filling the Spark could be a 122-horsepower 1.8-liter engine, which was in the pre-reform Vesta.

    On photo: current Lada Vesta Sportline 1/4 sedan In the photo: current Lada Vesta Sportline 2/4 sedan In the photo: current Lada Vesta Sportline 3/4 sedan In the photo : current Lada Vesta Sportline sedan 4/4

    Note that the current Lada Vesta now has a Sportline version: the sedan went on sale at the beginning of last month, and the station wagon will follow later. Let us remind you that this version has a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine under the hood, boosted to 118 hp. (regular current Vests have 90 or 106 hp).

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