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    Putin visited an exhibition of scientific products in Sirius

    SIRIUS, November 29 Russian President Vladimir Putin visited an exhibition in Sirius dedicated to the “Our Lab” project, which presented various scientific equipment and components , consumables produced in Russia and Belarus.
    At the exhibition, Putin was presented with a domestic optical tomograph, which is used in scientific research, for example, to assess the effectiveness of vaccines or drug delivery to tumor tissues. Sirius University researcher Elizaveta Mochalova told the president that even the first version of the device was three times better in sensitivity than its Western counterparts, while all the key elements of the device were domestic. In 2023, the creators of the tomograph developed a domestic camera for it, which allowed it to outperform its competitors in all key parameters, Mochalova noted.

    “This is not just import-substituting, it is an advanced development. Many leading Western universities want to buy this device from us. And for our Russian users we keep very low prices “This device is two to ten times cheaper than the Western one,” a Sirius researcher told Putin.

    The head of state was also shown a sequencer – equipment that can decipher the genetic code. These works are used in the field of agriculture, medicine, and biosafety.
    Another device at the exhibition determines the exact sizes of particles and analyzes the quality of vaccines.
    “Why do they have such chaotic motion, Brownian?” – the president asked. The answer was simple – impacts occur on air molecules and water vapor.
    The “Our Lab” project is aimed at assisting scientists and engineers in finding the equipment, components, reagents necessary for their work, as well as manufacturers in promoting their products, both in domestic and foreign markets, according to the Kremlin’s reference materials for the event.

    The product catalog includes over 18 thousand items from more than 500 Russian and Belarusian manufacturers. Their products are used in various fields: biology, geology, metrology, engineering, medicine, optics, agriculture, physics, chemistry and others.

    At the III Congress of Young Scientists in Sirius in the exhibition of the project “Our Lab” “17 companies presented about 110 units of products. For example, the event is attended by leading Russian and Belarusian companies producing scientific equipment and reagents – Abisens LLC, Algimed Techno LLC, GenTerra JSC, Europolitest LLC, NV-Lab group of companies.
    Previously, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov reported that during his visit to Sirius, Putin will talk with young scientists and inspect exhibitions of domestic products and robotics.

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