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    Novikombank became a laureate of the National Competition GPM Awards Russia 2023

    On December 7, the GPM Awards Russia 2023 conference was held in Moscow, during which the winners of the competition of the same name were awarded. The GPM Awards Russia 2023 award in the “People” category was presented to Elena Georgieva, Chairman of the Board of Novikombank, for her policy in the field of social orientation of banking products.

    In 2023, the national competition for professional project management in the field of sustainable development GPM Awards Russia is presented in four directions: “Projects”, “Research”, “People”, Green Office Awards.

    Novikombank, a subsidiary bank of the Rostec state corporation and a supporting bank of industry, took part in the GPM Awards Russia competition in the “People” area, which was initiated in 2022 with the aim of attracting attention to the development of best practices in the field of project management, sustainable development and ESG- transformation.

    As part of the competition, Novikombank presented its policy on the social orientation of banking products. Senior Vice President of Novikombank Anna Lavrentieva, speaking at the conference, emphasized that this comprehensive solution is a continuation of the corporate social policy of the state corporation, which is aimed at attracting highly qualified workers and engineers, creating conditions for specialists that will promote their personal and professional growth. Anna Lavrentyeva also presented proposals aimed at attracting and retaining human resources in order to provide the economy with qualified personnel and workers with new industrial-oriented competencies.

    The implementation of the policy contributes to the achievement of the national development goals of the Russian Federation and is aimed at solving such problems as progressive and sustainable economic growth, increasing employment and labor productivity, and decent work. Novikombank's social priorities include supporting enterprise employees through preferential programs, which allows creating a comfortable social environment and opportunities for career growth, as well as a comprehensive system for training new personnel for industry through interaction with schools, specialized universities and associations.

    The key principles of the policy in the field of social orientation of Novikombank’s banking products are clarity, transparency, efficiency and an individual approach to customer needs. These principles are fully met by the “Rostec Employee Social Payment Card” and the “Development” program, developed jointly with the Rostec state corporation, which allows enterprises to encourage their employees through the bank’s retail products with additional preferential conditions.

    “We thank the organizers of the GPM Awards Russia 2023 competition for their high assessment of our activities in the field of social orientation of banking products. Social policy is a unique project that allows us to systematize a wide range of solutions in this area. Focusing on issues of human capital development, we are constantly developing truly important and useful banking products for enterprise employees, supporting professional development programs for young engineers, teaching financial literacy to employees,” commented Elena Georgieva, Chairman of the Board of Novikombank.

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