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    Super Tuesday 2024 explained – and how Donald Trump is maximizing his chances

    Donald Trump's team has done everything possible to maximize his leadership status

    There will be about 2,470 delegates in 2024, about 2,365 of which are pledged delegates and 104 optional delegates.

    To win the nomination, a candidate must receive the support of a majority of delegates—approximately 1,236.

    When did Super Tuesday begin? and why is this important?

    The phrase “Super Tuesday” dates back to the 1980s, when several Southern states moved their primaries and caucuses forward to increase their prominence in the race and counteract the dominance of Iowa and New Hampshire.< /p>

    State voting on Super Tuesday changes from year to year. This year, the two largest of them, California and Texas, will vote on Super Tuesday.

    Which states vote?

    The Democratic Party also holds primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday, but with Biden without a serious challenger, the focus is on the Republican race. Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will vote on March 5.

    When will we know the results of Super Tuesday?

    Polls typically close around 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm, meaning some states will call early Wednesday morning. However, some states, such as California, may take a while to announce their results.

    What happened in 2016?

    In 2016, the last time Trump competed in an open Republican primary, he announced his candidacy late . May.

    In 2020, Trump, as the incumbent president, faced no serious challenges and by mid-March became the presumptive nominee.

    Biden faced a longer path to the 2020 Democratic nomination, and by June he had amassed enough delegates after a lengthy challenge from left-leaning Sen. Bernie Sanders – similar to Hillary Clinton's protracted paths to the nomination in 2016 and Barack Obama in 2008.

    What are the 2024 presidential candidates hoping for?

    While most White House candidates are devoting their time to the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Ron DeSantis is one of the few Trump contenders to set their sights beyond the first few states.

    The Florida governor also campaigned in Tennessee, Alabama and other Super Tuesday voting states. His campaign and a supporting super PAC (political action committee) invested early in the March 5 state vote in hopes he could hold out until Super Tuesday and then increase his delegate count.

    Nikki Haley also went to the border in Texas, another Super Tuesday state, to campaign.

    Nikki Haley's campaign in New Hampshire Photo : CJ GUNTHER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

    Few candidates other than Mr. Trump, however, have the resources to launch a broad and meaningful campaign beyond early states.

    But Scott Golden, chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, noted that early voting in his state also begins in mid-February. “I know everyone is focused on Iowa and New Hampshire, but it's worth taking a little time to come to Tennessee,” he said.

    “It's states like Alabama that are going to be where (Trump) hopes to make big gains,” Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl said. “And if other candidates are going to beat him, they're going to have to compete with him in those states.”

    Trump's built-in advantage

    Mr. Trump's team has done everything it can to maximize his leadership status by encouraging government officials to make rules regulating the distribution of delegates in a way that would be as favorable to him as possible.

    Other changes were put into effect in 2020, when Mr. Trump ran virtually unopposed.

    Some changes include winner-take-all contests or rules requiring candidates to receive a higher percentage of the vote to qualify for any delegates.

    Changes to the Nevada Process and in particular , California, which has more delegates than any other state, is likely to be a major boost.

    Ben Ginsberg, a legal expert on the Republican primary, told The Telegraph that the Trump campaign had organized “an excellent, good a planned attempt to maximize the rules of each individual state in its favor.”

    “The campaign needs to look at the delegate selection process holistically,” he said, calling the changes “really important to maximizing” Trump's chances.

    Mr. Ginsberg said Trump would maximize his advantage in California in Super Tuesday. , the race is “definitely over” for his Republican rivals.

    What do the latest polls say?

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