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    American congressman accused the government of hiding data on UFOs: “There is something real”

    “There are things in our airspace that we don't understand.”

    A leading UFO expert and a Republican US congressman say the US government is hiding what it knows about  unidentified flying objects, and must confess everything. Sources told that at least nine “non-human aircraft” have been discovered by United States authorities.

    A Republican congressman and a UFO expert agree that the US government knows more about the mysterious aircraft, than he says, writes the Daily Mail.

    Writer and journalist Garrett Graff and Tennessee Republican Congressman Tim Burchett jointly spoke on this issue in a Meet the Press report on NBC News.

    Graff, author of UFOs: The Inside Story of the US Government's Search for Alien Life Here and Out There, states: “The government is hiding some level of its knowledge and understanding of what some of these things are. There's something real here. There are things in our airspace that we do not understand what they are. They may represent the enemy's sophisticated new technology, but they may also represent science we don't understand.”

    The expert said the cover-up could be twofold, including both governments' own secret developments in aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, new technologies, and what the government discovers in and around US airspace.

    Graff also believes that the US government probably knows more than they are saying, but they have not necessarily confirmed what the mysterious flying objects are.

    “What I'm not convinced of is that the government is hiding significant knowledge about, you know, alien spacecraft, alien visitors, extraterrestrial contacts,” Graff said.

    He noted, that perhaps NASA has no evidence of alien life precisely because humans may not have the technology to detect it.

    Multiple sources have told that a secret CIA office has been coordinating searches for crashed UFOs around the world for decades. One source claimed that the US government had discovered at least nine apparently “non-human aircraft” – some were wrecked, and two were completely intact.

    Three sources briefed on these alleged top-secret operations told that the Office of Global Access (OGA), a division of the Central Intelligence Agency's Science and Technology Directorate, has played a central role in orchestrating the collection of what could be alien spacecraft since 2003.< /p>

    All three sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals, were briefed by individuals involved in these alleged UFO-hunting missions, the Daily Mail notes.

    U.S. House of Representatives Member Tim Burchett calls on the government to be transparent about what they know about these UFOs.

    “If it doesn't exist, then why do they keep spending money to tell us about it?” said the Tennessee congressman. – You know, we've been told since 1947 that these things don't exist, but Harry Reid funded, very well funded, millions of dollars into research into this. And they spent a hell of a lot of time and effort. And money to tell the American public that they don’t exist.

    Burchett said: “For example, I proposed an amendment to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) reauthorization bill, and it basically just said that if a commercial airline pilot notices that -an anomaly or UFO as we used to call them, and they will send a report to the FAA, which they will do, but also that the report will be submitted to Congress. Well, it was blocked… And I asked: why was it blocked? I'm told the intelligence community has blocked it. And I said, wait a minute. Do you mean committee? – “No, community.”

    The US Space Force, a division of the Pentagon tasked with protecting America from space threats, local and galactic, has discovered thousands of UFOs in Earth's orbit, writes the Daily Mail. America's newest military branch, created under President Trump in 2019, told staff in November that the sightings were so routine that they were “interfering with threat identification,” the unit's core mission.

    In recent years, Pentagon officials have been wary assigned to investigate UFO cases, including the now famous “Tick-Tock” invasion. in 2004. In 2004, Navy pilot Chad Underwood captured footage of a strange flying object in the skies over the Pacific Ocean, which was also spotted by Navy Commander David Fravor. Underwood came up with the name “Tick-Tock” for a wingless oblong object that was filmed from its cockpit during flight. Fravor described the Tic Tac object as “perfect white, smooth and windowless,” with “two small objects that came out from the bottom.”

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