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    Russian alloys for aircraft engine disks will be tested for crack growth

    MOSCOW, December 8 Engineers from the Moscow Aviation Institute and the Lyulka Design Bureau will conduct a study during which the processes of formation and growth of fatigue cracks in turbine and compressor disks will be studied for the first time , which are among the most important parts of gas turbine engines, the university press service reported.
    “”In finished parts, internal defects are likely to form, which can give rise to a fatigue crack. Our work is devoted to studying the growth rate of such cracks and their effect on the service life of disks… It is important to note that for domestic alloys used in the production of gas turbine engine disks, such a study is being carried out for the first time “, – the press service quotes the words of Dmitry Nemtsev, MAI graduate student, leading designer of the strength department of the Lyulka Design Bureau.
    He explained that the turbine and compressor disks, together with the blades, rotate in the engine at high speed, so their destruction can lead to catastrophic consequences. The discs are produced using the technology of hot isostatic pressing of small metal granules, about 50–150 micrometers, the designer said.

    For testing, Russian developers proposed cylindrical samples with an internal defect already embedded in them. With their help, it was possible to reduce the cost of research, which, for example, is carried out abroad on flat samples using a vacuum furnace.

    “Based on the results of experiments on a number of samples, specialists were able to determine the dependence of the crack growth rate on internal defects. As part of further research, changes in the size of the samples, load and test temperature are planned,” the press service shared plans for the future.
    Research in November 2023 was presented at the All-Russian intersectoral youth competition of scientific and technical works and projects “Youth and the future of aviation and astronautics” and was among the best participants. The results of the work will help increase the reliability of calculations of disk life, which will allow, without resorting to excessive conservative estimates, to make full use of the capabilities of parts and extend the operating time of serial engines operating under intensive conditions.

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