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    The new Nissan Interstar will repeat the recently debuted Renault Master: first teasers

    The Japanese brand van will appear on the European market in 2024. The commercial model will have versions with internal combustion engines and with all-electric “filling”.

    Nissan has been producing its Interstar commercial model since 1999 – the van is a twin of the second generation Renault Master. This version lasted on the market until 2010, after which the cars changed generation, and the “Japanese” also had a name: until 2021, it was sold in Europe under the name NV400. Then the model again returned to the name Interstar, under which it is presented on the old-world market today.

    Recently, the generation was replaced by the Renault Master, and now its closest relative is catching up with it: today the European division of Nissan published the first teasers of the new Interstar. Judging by them, visually commercial models will have very few differences. In this list, of course, there are other logos and nameplates, and in addition, a slightly different design of the front part: the Interstar has an additional strip with the model name under the edge of the hood. The model may also have a different lighting design.

    Teaser of the new Nissan Interstar

    Most likely, the difference in the interiors of the models will be in the emblems. Let us remind you that the recently presented van of the French brand received a new front panel, where in the central part there is a “floating” 10-inch tablet of the infotainment system facing the driver. Top versions of the Renault Master have a virtual dashboard, while simpler versions have a dial speedometer and tachometer.

    Teaser of the new Nissan Interstar

    On manual vans, the gearshift lever is located on a ledge to the right of the steering wheel, while on automatic versions, the selector is now located on the steering column next to the right-hand steering column wiper control stalk. In addition, the Master has various niches, pockets and boxes for storing small items: their total volume compared to its predecessor has increased by 25% to 135 liters.

    in the photo: Actual van Nissan Interstar 1/3 In the photo: the current Nissan Interstar 2/3 van In the photo: the current Nissan Interstar 3/3 van

    The new Nissan Interstar will obviously also share technology with the current Renault Master. Let us remind you that the van is equipped with a 2.3-liter turbodiesel engine in several power options – 105, 130, 150 and 170 hp. It's paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a nine-speed automatic. Such a commercial vehicle can only have front-wheel drive; It also has a dependent spring rear suspension, and the front one is an independent McPherson type. The loading capacity of the diesel version is 2 tons, and the useful volume of the body varies from 11 to 22 cubic meters (depending on the modification).

    In the photo: Renault Master new generation 1/3 In the photo: Renault Master new generation 2/3 In the photo: Renault Master of the new generation 3/3

    The next Nissan Interstar will also have a completely “green” version. Most likely, such a van will be equipped with a single 143-horsepower electric motor located on the front axle, its maximum torque is 300 Nm. There will probably be two traction batteries with a capacity of 40 and 87 kWh to choose from. The Renault Master has a rated range on a single charge of 180 and 410 km, respectively (when calculated using the WLTP cycle). The electric train has a carrying capacity of 1.6 tons (the permissible weight of a towed trailer is 2.5 tons).

    According to preliminary data, the new Nissan Interstar will appear on the European market in the first half of 2024. Prices will be announced later. A current van of the Japanese brand can now be bought on one of the largest old-world markets – in Germany – for 38.8 – 58.2 thousand euros.

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