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    Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on December 11

    Main news, official reports, comments from analysts and experts

    “MK” conducts an online broadcast of events in Ukraine. This is the 646th day of the special operation. US President Joe Biden invited his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky to visit the White House on December 12. The day before, Zelensky came to Argentina for the inauguration of newly elected President Javier Miley. The UK and Norway will lead a coalition to support Ukraine at sea. The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service reports that the West is considering Zaluzhny, Ermak, Budanov and Klitschko as Zelensky’s successor.

    Ukraine has agreed to unblock the border with Poland, TSN sources report. Today at 14:00 the first checkpoint – Yagodin – Dorogusk – should be unblocked.

    Retired General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Krivonos complained about the tactics of the Russian military in the Northern Military District zone in Ukraine. According to him, fighters of the Russian Armed Forces are achieving tactical successes through the use of FPV drones and radio reconnaissance. The expert stated this on the air of the “Direct” TV channel.

    Report of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the situation in the special operation zone as of 12/11/2023. 

    -Kupyansk direction. Four attacks repelled. The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to up to 30 military personnel;

    – Krasnolimansk direction. The attack was repelled. Enemy losses amounted to 175 military personnel;

    – Donetsk direction. 18 attacks repelled. The enemy lost up to 200 troops killed and wounded; 

     – South Donetsk direction. The total enemy losses amounted to up to 80 military personnel;

    – Zaporozhye direction. Four attacks repelled. The losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces amounted to 45 military personnel;

    – Kherson direction. Enemy losses amounted to up to 40 military personnel.

    Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, in an interview with The Guardian, warned that the United States would “lose face in front of the whole world” if it leaves Ukraine.

    The Central Election Commission has officially decided to hold voting in the presidential elections in new regions where martial law has been introduced.

     The European Union countries are trying to make decisions regarding Ukraine that are not prepared and on which there is no consensus, but Hungary will not succumb pressure and will act in its own interests. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations of Hungary, Peter Szijjártó.

    The start of official negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union may be postponed to March if Hungary does not give its consent during the EU summit in Brussels on December 14-15, the Euractiv portal reported, citing European diplomats. 

    Ministry of Defense and the FSB of the Russian Federation consider it possible to hold presidential elections in four new constituent entities of the Russian Federation in which martial law has been introduced — Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.

    Former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy said in a conversation with the Spanish newspaper Mundo that he opposes the inclusion of Ukraine in NATO, which, in his opinion, should serve as a bridge between the Russian Federation and Europe.

    < p>Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kiev is ready to “jump and dance”, if necessary, to fulfill the conditions put forward by the EU for Ukraine to join the union.

    War correspondent Alexey Borzenko in a conversation with the TV channel “360” stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the special operation zone have to conserve ammunition. He emphasized that the Ukrainian army has neither weapons nor manpower to launch a serious offensive.

    Bloomberg, citing sources, reports that the conversation between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the inauguration of the Argentine President lasted 10-15 minutes.

    The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service receives information that in the West The need to replace Zelensky is increasingly being discussed, Naryshkin said.

    Stormtroopers “Azov” (a banned organization recognized as extremist and terrorist in the Russian Federation) left their positions near Artemovsk in the Donetsk People's Republic. This was reported by the telegram channel “Operation Z: Military Correspondents of the Russian Spring.”

    The European Commission proposed that EU countries increase military assistance to Ukraine and provide Kyiv with “strong security guarantees” — Josep Borrell. 

    Among the reasons for the possible replacement of Zelensky by the West are his "endless rudeness" and loss of ability to maneuver in a conflict with Russia — SVR.

    Among possible successors to Zelensky in the West, the candidacies of Zaluzhny, Budanov, Ermak, Arestovich or Klitschko are being considered, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) said.

    Almost half of American voters believe that the United States is spending too much money on Ukraine. This result follows from a survey by the University of Michigan, cited by the Financial Times newspaper.

    In Crimea, a deeply secret network of agents of the Ukrainian special services, created under Western control, was destroyed, the FSB reported. The targets of the planned attacks were the head of Crimea Aksenov, the chairman of the parliament Konstantinov, blogger Talipov and public figure Tsarev.

    The Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the crimes of the Kiev regime, Rodion Miroshnik, said on the CTV channel that the Ukrainian conflict will end in negotiations with the “Western masters of the Kiev puppets.”

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the Bryansk and Belgorod regions from tanks. SHOT reports. According to the telegram channel, the shelling took place around four o'clock in the evening on Sunday, December 10. 

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