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    Rivals Manchester United and Newcastle should think twice before mocking their Champions League struggles.

    Newcastle United's Champions League fate is not in their hands when they take on AC Milan on Wednesday following a controversial referee and VAR decision provide PSG with a final lifeline with a penalty for handball. Photo: Mark Atkins/Getty Images

    Ahead of the crucial stages of the Champions League group stage, Manchester United and Newcastle can count on their domestic rivals to root for them at least once.

    The Premier League is currently competing with Germany for an extra qualifying spot next season, so gloating is of no use to qualifying contenders like Aston Villa and Tottenham.

    As it stands In the qualifiers Turkey, which unexpectedly set the pace, and Germany are participating, which in the real UEFA rankings is narrowly ahead of England.

    However, there is still something to play for: the country has already overtaken Spain, Belgium and Italy after results in all European competitions at last week.

    While United's two Champions League sides suffered disappointing away draws in their last European matches last month, other clubs fared better. Arsenal won a convincing victory, and West Ham won the Europa League and became the first English team to go 17 consecutive matches in European competition without defeat.

    Although West Ham and Manchester City won trophies last year, the calculation of odds for an extra place in next year's competition is based on current form in Europe.

    However, the Premier League will soon return will begin to rapidly rise in the rankings. Should such English teams come close to repeating last year's performance?

    The revamped Champions League has an additional four places for next season to be decided in addition to the traditional qualifying route in May.


    The two countries with the best collective club performances in European competition this year will receive half of the additional available Champions League places.

    In addition, one additional place will be awarded for third place in the country. he is fifth in the UEFA association rankings, with a further one going to the lesser national champion in the qualifying rounds.

    If English clubs' performance in Europe improves as the season progresses, the “European Place” will be awarded to the fifth-placed player in Premier League

    In six of the last seven seasons, English clubs' annual performance in Europe has been either first or second. But this season's results for City, Arsenal, United, Newcastle, West Ham, Liverpool, Brighton and Aston Villa leave England just behind Spain in fifth place, Belgium in fourth, Italy in third, Germany in second and Turkey in first place.

    If City can retain the Champions League and the English club achieve further success in either the Europa League or the European Conference League, the points gained will almost certainly help England top the league again.

    Transfer decision These two extra places in competitions for one season instead of five were adopted 18 months ago in response to backlash from fans and warnings of a new Super League through the back door.

    The “sporting merit” plan ends two years of bitter debate and discussion between clubs. leagues, UEFA and fans regarding the competition format for the 2024–25 season.

    Under the new format, the Champions League will expand from 32 to 36 teams under the “Swiss model” in which all teams compete in one league . Teams will play eight or 10 matches against opponents of varying ranks to decide which ones will make it to the playoffs.

    So, with that said, opposing fans may want to think twice before wishing for defeat.” United and Newcastle in the Champions League. this week, as it could prove costly for their clubs later.

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