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    Sercons told us what you should pay attention to when buying a Christmas tree garland

    Among New Year's attributes, one of the most popular is a garland. This accessory can both decorate the Christmas tree and become part of the festive interior. But are we choosing the right New Year's garland? Sercons expert Ilya Gorbunov shared his advice on this matter.

    First of all, you need to decide for what purpose you need You will need a garland, the specialist noted. If the Christmas tree is on the street or you need to decorate the outside of the house, you should choose an outdoor garland. It has additional protection against moisture. For a home Christmas tree, an interior garland that is not protected from water is suitable. You cannot use outdoor garland inside the house, as it can damage the wiring and cause a short circuit.

    The choice of electric garlands, as well as other decorations, should be conscious. According to the expert, preference should be given to those products that have been tested in modern laboratories. Manufacturers are required to provide detailed information on the packaging so that each buyer can see exactly what they are purchasing.

    “The voltage of each light bulb should not exceed 26 V. The power of the entire garland cannot be more than 65 W, otherwise the garland, when heated, can lead to a fire. Pay attention to the wires: too thin ones can easily break or catch fire from overheating. The light bulbs in the garland must work at full power, so check before attaching it to the tree,” the specialist emphasized.

    He also noted that at home it is recommended to use garlands with no more than fifty lights and no more than three garlands can be plugged into one outlet. If the garland has problems, for example, a light bulb is missing or there is visible damage, it is better not to use it.

    Fire safety rules state that working garlands should not be left unattended at night or at times when when everyone left the house. In order not to get hurt or cause harm to others, a buyer purchasing a Christmas tree garland should know the following.

    1. Ask sellers for certificates of conformity when purchasing New Year's garlands.
    2. Carefully read the information on packaging when purchasing a garland.
    3. Carefully check the integrity and functionality of the electric garland before decorating the Christmas tree with it.
    4. The cord must be intact, all lights must be on, the plug in the socket must not spark or get hot.
    5. To decorate the outside parts of the house or windows on the street, you should use garlands designed specifically for working outdoors.

    Sercons added that it is also necessary to check the availability of a fire certificate for garland packaging, since Christmas tree garlands are a potentially dangerous product from a fire safety point of view. According to the requirements, all installed light garlands must have a quality certificate and comply with the requirements of GOST R 50655-94 “Light garlands”, GOST 53318-2009 “Electric light garlands. Fire safety requirements” and NPB 234-97 “Electric light garlands”. By following these simple rules, any buyer of this product will ensure the safety of the family during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

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