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    Zagitova's socks shocked the audience: how the skaters cut themselves to death in style

    The day before the start of the Russian Championship, a traditional a draw for skaters, which in recent years has become a real fashion show. Sports tells how Alina Zagitova competed with Kamila Valieva far beyond the ice.
    The draw for the Russian Figure Skating Championships has in recent years become something of a red carpet branch of film festivals. It took for quite a long time. And yet we have reached the final goal, and from now on the image of our favorite figure skater at the draw means about as much to the fans as the costume during the skate.

    Some will say that this is already show business , not sports. And in part, he will probably even be right. On the other hand, should skaters and spectators associate the New Year's Eve only with squabbles to the death? It would be better if they rejoiced at least a little – both the athletes and, what’s more, you and me.

    This year, the place of joy was the Chelyabinsk organ and chamber music hall “Rodina”, luxuriously beautiful both outside and inside. High ceilings, stucco moldings and, in fact, the organ created an atmosphere of something special. And the skaters, in finely chosen looks specially for this evening, fit into it perfectly.

    It must be said that the journalists and photographers who broke through to the draw were able to examine their outfits in detail even before the start of the official part. It is worth noting that the desire to show off in front of the cameras and surprise the audience, inherent in our skaters at past Russian championships, has not gone away this year either. On the contrary, it has even intensified – at least due to the presence of old and new faces.

    We are, of course, talking about Alina Zagitova, who served as a video blogger this year. She greeted guests at the entrance to the hall for short interviews – and the camera shutters did not stop clicking. And not only because of the appearance of famous active skaters, because Alina’s black off-the-shoulder dress was no less impressive. However, there were some not-so-obvious details – not everyone understood Alina’s leggings with an open heel.

    But without further ado, the image of the newly-minted young lady Alena Kostornaya was clear. “Barbie and Samurai” – that’s how Alena and her partner Georgy Kunitsa called themselves. However, these extravagant skaters don’t need any further introduction.

    The contenders for the ice dancing podium, Irina Khavronina and David Narizhny, are one of the most stylish and, perhaps, beautiful people in our sport. And these same words can describe their appearance at the draw – the stern, self-possessed David framed Irina, who preferred a black hooded scarf to her voluminous hairstyle with loose hair.
    However, the current (for now) national champions in pair skating Alexandra Boykova and Dmitry Kozlovsky could easily compete with Khavronina/Narizhny in style. The partner chose a classic business look – dark trousers and a cardigan with a shirt and tie, and the partner appeared in a luxurious beige dress with an open torso. For Alexandra, who once shone at the draw in a latex catsuit, shocking the public is nothing new. But to the audience, it seems that every new time is like the first. In any case, Alexandra’s image was discussed on social networks for a long time this evening.

    But Kamila Valieva can rightfully be called the queen of the evening. The Olympic champion shone this evening in a long, elegant black pencil dress – and she literally shone. The sequins adorning the top and almost the entire bottom of the dress shimmered in the light, playing with thousands of bright flashes. Apparently, Camila was comfortable in this image – she actively and without hesitation posed for photographers both in solo photographs and with fellow skaters.

    Moreover, the image of Camila, apparently, turned out to be so vivid that at some point Even the great coach Alexei Mishin could not stand it – while recording an interview for Zagitova’s blog, Alexey Nikolaevich interrupted the girls for a short photo with both of them.

    In a word, according to the Russian style championship, Kamila has already won. And what will happen to the other championship – figure skating – we will find out very soon

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