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    Rogov called the shelling of Belgorod part of the British scenario

    SIMFEROPOL, December 31Co-chairman of the Coordination Council for the Integration of New Regions under the RF OP Vladimir Rogov believes that the shelling of Belgorod by Ukrainian troops is part of the British scenario to incite blood hatred between people living on the territory of southern Russian lands.
    “”This is all part of the British scenario, the purpose of which is to incite blood hatred between relatives living on southern Russian lands. By shelling Belgorod, the terrorists of the Zelensky regime intended to provoke Russia into a retaliatory strike on peaceful cities under the control of the Nazis in order to further intimidate their population and force him to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Rogov said.
    According to him, the current Kiev government is occupational and destructive for local residents.

    “Zelensky and his regime are implementing the British plan of “War to the last Ukrainian,” knowing full well that all Ukrainians are Russians,” Rogov emphasized.

    On Saturday afternoon, the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that the Ukrainian military had shelled the center of Belgorod. According to official data as of 8.30 Sunday, 24 people were killed and 108 injured as a result of the Ukrainian Armed Forces strike. Various destructions were detected in 37 apartment buildings, 453 apartments, 3 private households, and 7 social facilities.
    The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that air defense systems intercepted Vilkha missiles and most of the Vampire MLRS rockets; several rockets and cluster parts from the downed Vilkha missiles hit Belgorod. As noted in the military department, in the event of a direct hit by the Vilkha MLRS cluster munitions on Belgorod, and not their fragments, there would be disproportionately more casualties among the civilian population. The Ministry of Defense also indicated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a strike on Belgorod in an attempt to divert attention from defeats at the front and provoke Russian troops into similar actions; the strike on Belgorod will not go unpunished.

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