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    The Toyota Mirai hydrogen sedan has become significantly safer in the 2024 model year

    Toyota has slightly updated its Mirai hydrogen sedan ahead of the market launch of its main competitor, the Honda CR-V e:FCEV hydrogen crossover .

    Toyota and Honda are pioneers of hydrogen energy in the automotive industry; Toyota launched its hydrogen program in the early 1990s, but since then hydrogen cars have not occupied any noticeable niche in the global car market. Last fall, Toyota admitted that it was disappointed with sales of the second-generation Mirai hydrogen sedan, which entered the market in 2020. It is not even clear yet whether the “second” Mirai will have a successor or whether Toyota will follow the path of Honda and make the next hydrogen “electric train” based on a more widespread and popular model.

    Widespread distribution of hydrogen cars has not yet happened due to the poorly developed infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations and the general high cost of hydrogen energy. However, in the future, hydrogen cars may replace traditional battery electric vehicles, the demand for which began to decline last year.

    Meanwhile, sales of the Toyota Mirai in the United States last year increased by 31% to 2,737 units compared to sales in 2022. (data from the company itself), and in Europe they decreased by 9% to 649 units. (data from JATO Dynamics). For comparison, let's say that the Hyundai Nexo hydrogen crossover is in much less demand: 241 units were sold in the United States last year. (-41%), in Europe – 128 units. (-79%). Honda is not yet going to launch the newly introduced hydrogen crossover CR-V e:FCEV at retail; it will be offered exclusively for leasing.

    Honda has equipped its CR-V e:FCEV with a fairly capacious (17.7 kWh) buffer battery that can be charged from an external source – thus reducing the crossover’s dependence on hydrogen filling stations; the Honda CR-V e:FCEV can be used for short distances like a regular electric car. In turn, the Mirai still has a small 1.24 kWh buffer battery and is unlikely to receive a larger one, since there is simply no room for it – one of the three hydrogen cylinders is located in the central tunnel, there is practically no extra space under the floor , and the Mirai’s trunk is already modest – 300 liters.

    The “second” Mirai is also unlikely to be restyled, but by the 2024 model year Toyota has significantly updated its electronic components, namely the Toyota Safety Sense driver assistant complex. The automatic emergency braking system has become much more alert and responds, among other things, to threats of side collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other vehicles. Adaptive cruise control now responds more quickly to changing road conditions. A system of automatic emergency steering and a system of preventive traction control before starting a turn have appeared. The all-round viewing system is included as standard. The parking assistant can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, and the smartphone can now be turned into a digital key for the Mirai.

    < p>The Mirai's power plant has not changed at all for the 2024 model year: an electrochemical generator with a capacity of 174 hp. located in front under the hood, and the only electric motor (182 hp, 300 Nm) is located at the rear and rotates the rear wheels. Three cylinders on board hold 5.6 kg of hydrogen, and the range on one fill is 650 km according to the WLTP cycle. The hydrogen sedan accelerates to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds, with a top speed of 175 km/h.

    In the USA, the 2024 model year Toyota Mirai costs from $50,190, in Germany – from 65,990 euros.

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