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    5. Iran's Supreme Leader Vows Revenge After Alleged Israeli Airstrike


    Iran's Supreme Leader Vows Revenge After Alleged Israeli Airstrike

    According to Iranian state media, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said: “We will make them regret this crime and the like, I swear to God.” 39;grace' Photo: Office of the Supreme Leader of Iran/Avalon

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, has vowed revenge after an Israeli airstrike allegedly killed a senior Iranian general at Tehran's embassy in Syria.

    As a result, The strike on the Damascus consulate killed at least seven people, including General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), believed to be in charge of Iran's operations in Syria and Lebanon.

    Deputy Zahedi and five other officers were also killed. Zahedi is the highest-ranking IRGC officer to be killed since the US killed Qassem Soleimani, head of the powerful Quds Force, in January 2020.

    “The evil regime will be punished at the hands of our brave warriors,” About This Khamenei said, Iranian state media reported. “By the grace of God, we will make them regret this crime and the like.”

    Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s president, also promised that “this crime will not go unanswered,” according to Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency “.

    “The ignorant leaders of the usurping Israeli regime and their supporters would do well to realize that such vicious actions will not affect the willpower of the resistance fighters who strive for freedom,” said Mohammad Baker Qalibaf, speaker of Iran's parliament, according to state media.

    “Their aggressive and malicious actions will be severely punished.”

    At least seven people were killed in the attack on the consulate in Damascus. Photo: MAHER AL MOUNES/AFP

    It's unclear how Iran did it, and they may decide to respond, although Israeli embassies around the world were on high alert Tuesday.

    Israel is fighting on two fronts – against Hamas in the south of the country and Hezbollah on the northern border. Both groups are financed and supplied with weapons by Iran.

    Until now, Iran has not wanted to be drawn into a direct conflict with Israel and the United States.

    Analysts said the strike marked a “significant escalation” in Israel's conflict with Tehran.

    “By attacking an Iranian diplomatic facility, Israel crossed a line,” said Ali Vaez of the International Crisis Group.

    “Iran is likely to harm Israel, but it is more likely to do so.” to do this indirectly and through our partners and proxies in the region,” said Mr. Vaez.

    “Iran’s dilemma is that failure to respond could signal Israeli weakness, but retaliation could lead to stronger US or Israeli action.”

    General Mohammad Reza Zahedi was a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps believed to be in charge of Iran's operations in Syria and Lebanon

    Charles Lister, a senior fellow at the Washington think tank Middle East Institute, said, that Tehran can choose from a range of possible retaliatory measures.

    “In the end, today's Israeli strike struck the heart of the IRGC's most sensitive front line – and no less the Iranian embassy compound. “, he wrote on Twitter.

    “Answer guaranteed. The question is whether it will target Israel, the Israelis, US regional assets… or something else.”

    “Given the IRGC's proven track record of attacking US troops in retaliation for Israeli actions, I would be surprised if we don't see a resurgence of attacks in Syria and perhaps in Iran as well.”

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