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    The French general announced the possibility of destroying Moscow in 10 minutes

    Vincent Desportes. Photo: frame from video.

    Retired general of the French army, former military attaché in the United States, ex-head of the Center for Doctrine and Deployment of the Armed Forces Vincent Desportes said on television that France is the country that can destroy Moscow and St. Petersburg in 10 minutes.

    The statement on the morning broadcast of French TV was made on March 12, but now, in light of the ongoing discussions about the possibility of sending French troops to Ukraine, Telegram drew attention to it channel Pool No. 3.

     "The country that Russia is afraid of, – This is France,” – said the military theorist in the studio, adding that France is the only country that “has everything it needs.”

    “We can destroy St. Petersburg, Moscow and several Russian cities in ten minutes.” And they know it,” – Desporte continued.

    He added that even if America left, France would remain a force to be reckoned with.

    Desporte also said that this was what General de Gaulle wanted from the very beginning.

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