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    The State Duma commented on the attempt to sabotage the Armed Forces of Ukraine

    MOSCOW, April 11 Russian drones and equipment are of significant interest to Great Britain, they have set the Ukrainian Armed Forces the task of trying to get them, said the head of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov , commenting on the London-planned attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to land troops in the Kherson region.
    “”The Anglo-Saxons set them the task of trying to get the equipment that allows us to control our drones. This suggests that our equipment is of significant interest, they don’t have it, they want to get it in every possible way. Our drones are today the most advanced in the world and equipment for their management and support is exactly that. This is the whole interest of Great Britain,” said Kartapolov.

    According to him, Russia has long known that Britain stands behind Ukraine and that Ukrainian Armed Forces military personnel are being trained there.

    Earlier, the FSB of the Russian Federation jointly with the Ministry of Defense stopped the landing of saboteurs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces special forces on the Tendra spit of the Kherson region, planned by the British special services. During the battle, the landing party was destroyed, and one military man, senior soldier of the 73rd Naval Center of Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Evgeniy Gorin, was taken prisoner.
    As the intelligence service said, the activities of this center are supervised by a unit of the Special Boat Service of the British Royal Marines (SBS), which “indicates the direct involvement of Great Britain in the conflict.”
    The prisoner of war spoke about the development by British instructors and the conduct of sabotage by the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the MSP-17 drilling rig in the Black Sea in order to seize the technical equipment for accompanying the flights of drones of the Russian Armed Forces. According to the prisoner, during the assault on the MSP-17 tower, the saboteurs did not find the equipment of interest to the British, and the communication station located on the platform was blown up.

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