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    MG in Russia: three new products now and ten by the end of the year

    A large-scale premiere from the official distributor of MG Motor in Russia, Mir-Distributor LLC, took place in Moscow. The company entered into an agreement with the largest car exporter from China to supply cars to Russia from the once famous British brand MG, now owned by the SAIC concern.

    Since 2007, when the SAIC concern became the owner of MG, the Chinese have managed to restore mass production and exported 570,710 vehicles last year. MG today has four design studios and engineering centers in Hong Kong, Israel, the UK and the USA, plus six factories in China, India and Thailand.

    MG 7 1/3 MG 7 2/3 MG 7 3/3

    “Mir-Distributor” officially formalized cooperation with SAIC in September 2023 and received the rights to use the MG identity and attributes, the authority of a manufacturer's representative and an applicant for obtaining OTTS, supplying cars and original spare parts with a warranty from the manufacturer, access to the manufacturer’s online resources, training of dealership personnel, etc.

    MG Cyberster 1/5 MG Cyberster 2/5 MG Cyberster 3/5 MG Cyberster 4/5 MG Cyberster 5/5

    We already wrote about the plans of the Mir-Distributor company a couple of months ago; since then, Mir-Distributor has received OTTS for one model – the front-wheel drive MG 5 sedan, 4601 mm long, with a 1.5 liter engine producing 114 hp. In the summer, it is planned to begin sales of the MG 6 liftback (length 4695 mm), equipped with a turbo engine of the same volume, but with a power of 162 hp, as well as the compact front-wheel drive ZS crossover, 4323 mm long, with a 1.5 liter engine producing 114 hp.

    MG 6 1/2 MG 6 2/2

    The fourth car at the presentation is the MG 7 sports liftback, which is driven by a 2.0 liter turbo engine with 261 hp, the delivery dates of which have not yet been determined. If everything goes according to plan, the MG 7 will appear on our market before the end of the year along with the MG HS and HS PHEV, RX5 and RX9 crossovers, as well as an as-yet unnamed pickup truck and an electric car. The star of the show, undoubtedly, was the stylish Cyberster electric roadster with guillotine-type doors, a power plant with a total output of 544 hp, and a power reserve of 520 km. However, the roadster will be imported upon individual order.

    MG ZS

    Mir-Distributor plans there is no localization in Russia, however, the company expects to sell about 10,000 cars this year, and next year reach a volume of 20,000 units.

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