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    “Natural Disaster”: Multimedia Art Museum reopened after renovation

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    MOSCOW, April 13. The Multimedia Art Museum has opened in Moscow after a major renovation. Almost all engineering systems, floors and roof have been replaced in the building. About the difficulties of restoration and the first exhibitions – in the material.

    Like a woman with good cosmetics

    Multimedia Art Museum has been closed since September 2022 – the building needed updating of engineering systems, as well as replacing ventilation, on which climate control in the halls depends. Viewers will not see radical changes, but the renovation was important for the further functioning of MAMM, noted director and curator Olga Sviblova.

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    “I changed my profession for a year and a half and worked to ensure that the museum had a major overhaul. The vast majority know that this is a natural disaster. Only our natural disaster has eight and a half thousand square meters. When you do repairs, it’s like a woman with good cosmetics, it is not visible. If cosmetics are visible, it means they did the makeup poorly,” said Sviblova.

    The stained glass windows of the building’s facades regularly got wet and froze – they had to be replaced. The foundation, destroyed after the flooding of Lopukhinsky Lane in July and November last year, was also restored.

    Irresponsible people built

    The roof of the building was completely dismantled and rebuilt. According to Sviblova, it constantly leaked, and the employees had to drain the water every day.
    “We removed 46 tons of materials from the roof – it was built by irresponsible people, and it rotted in ten years. There are Egyptian pyramids, next to us are Chamber XVII have been standing for centuries, but our roof has rotted. I hope that the new one will last at least 30 years,” noted the director of the museum.

    With the onset of summer, it is planned to hold “wonderful events” on the roof, since it offers a beautiful view of the city.

    The biggest disaster

    The museum also replaced the self-leveling floors – they were leveled, eliminating noticeable differences in height.

    “The floor is the main element of design in the museum. This is the biggest disaster we have had. The floors have completely opened up, the last exhibitions had very ugly patches. They were installed five years ago, unfortunately, with violations of technology. But today I can write a dissertation on the technology of laying polymer self-leveling floors, and even in conditions when the imported paint and varnish industry has left the Russian market,” shared Olga Sviblova.
    In total, more than 3.5 thousand square meters were re-flooded, and the plumbing was also replaced .

    Museum store

    After the renovation, a store was opened in MAMM – it is located in the space minus the first floor, where there used to be exhibition halls.

    “I’m not afraid to admit that, constantly traveling to museums around the world, I often go first to see the “bruliki” and then to the exhibitions. And there’s nothing scary or shameful about that. Because art is everything that’s around us. That’s what how we look, and sometimes a small magnet or a ring from a museum store makes us happy. And we don’t need diamonds at all,” admitted Sviblova.

    The first. exhibitions

    On the top floor of the museum, an exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Erik Bulatov “I live on. The artist's laboratory”opened. It presents seven paintings and more than a hundred drawings by the author.
    “”This is an amazing opportunity to get into the artist's head. You enter the room and see how Eric developed the motif of one painting over several years, what options he had, what he cut off and removed,” said curator Anna Zaitseva.

    As part of the biennial “Fashion and Style in Photography – 2024”the exhibition “Sports in Photography. From Rodchenko to the Present Day” opened.
    “”It's not really about seconds, meters, world records, and so on. It's about sport, as a mirror of society. You will see that the exhibition is clearly divided into three chapters, three eras. We tried to show on a visual level what kind of relationships sport was in with a broader context, social and political,” noted Zaitseva.
    At the exhibition“Fashionistas of the 19th – early 20th centuries. From the MAMM collection”visitors will learn unexpected facts. For example, it was forbidden to enter a tram wearing a large hat pinned with pins, so as not to inadvertently injure other passengers.
    The museum also presents exhibitions by Italian photographers Edoardo Delille and Julia Piermartiri “Atlas of the New World”, “Gift to the Museum. In Memory of Yuri Rybchinsky”, “Collection of the StillArt Foundation. Masterpieces of world fashion photography”, the project of Konstantin Batynkov and Sergei Shekhovtsov “Football” and the installation of Alexey Kallim “The Rain Theorem”.

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