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    Sadiq Khan has legally committed to exploring the possibility of paying by the mile.

    Sadiq Khan insists he has ruled out per-mile charges. Photo: Leon Neil/Getty

    Sadiq Khan intends to explore Pay-per-mile scheme for drivers, suggests legally binding document.

    In his official transport strategy, which has formal legal status, the mayor says Transport for London (TfL) will “investigate proposals for the next generation of road user charging”.

    Because the mayor has had the opportunity to update his transportation strategy and reverse any policies he is unwilling to implement, the Tories said his failure to do so is evidence he remains committed to exploring a pay-per-mile system.

    G- Mr Khan has strongly denied the claims and insisted he has “ruled out per mile payment”.

    His transport strategy, originally published in 2018 and subsequently revised in 2022, states: “Mayor, through TfL will consider proposals for the next generation of road user charging systems.

    They could replace schemes such as congestion charging, low emission zone and ultra-low emission zone [Ulez].

    The paper says that “better road user charges” could help achieve policies in the strategy relating to “transport mode allocation, road hazard reduction and environmental objectives, and help reduce congestion on the road network and support efficient traffic flow.”

    “In doing so, the mayor will consider the appropriate technology for any future schemes, as well as the potential for a future scheme that comprehensively reflects distance, time, emissions, road hazards and other factors,” it said.< /p>Can replace existing schemes

    The explanatory text adds that “an integrated per-mile fee could replace pre-existing schemes… with a single, unified scheme that takes into account both congestion and emissions targets.”

    In February, The Telegraph reported that TfL was working on Project Detroit to create a “more sophisticated… new core technology platform for road user charging”, with £21 million spent so far on the project.

    However, the Tories have said there are no such denials weight can only be given if the mayor formally reconsiders his strategy.

    The Transport Strategy is a document that is legally enshrined in the Greater London Authority Act 1999. The legislation states that the mayor must “prepare and publish” a transport strategy containing a policy for “safe, comprehensive, efficient and economical” transport.

    The law also states that “if the mayor revises the transport strategy, he must publish it in a revised form.”

    In November 2022, Mr Khan was required to amend the strategy to allow him to expand Ulez into Greater London.

    As the London Assembly has the power to reject the strategy – or any changes to it – by a two-thirds majority, Mr Khan told Assembly members at the time that he needed a “policy review”. The basis of the mayor’s transport strategy is to give permission for the expansion of Ulezov in the future.”

    “Cunning lawyer tricks”

    Susan Hall, Khan's Conservative opponent in the mayoral race, said if he were serious about eliminating the mileage charge he would reconsider the strategy and the Tories were prepared to lend their support in the Assembly.

    Instead, she said he relied on non-binding media statements as well as a letter sent to TfL commissioner Andy Lord in which he said his plans to tackle air pollution “would not include a new charge for or amendments to scheme standards Get away.”

    Ms Hall said: “Sadiq Khan was completely disingenuous in his denials, given that he refused the opportunity to cancel the per mile payment. from his legally binding transport strategy.

    “We can expect more dodgy legal ploys from Sadiq Khan if he gets another four years acting innocently towards Londoners while forcing TfL by law to continue to push for pay-as-you-go . no matter what he says in public.”

    Mr Khan's spokesman said: “This is absolute nonsense from a Tory party desperate to look away from its 14 years of failure, and it is categorically untrue. Sadiq has made it clear he is ruling out per-mile payments.”

    Mr Khan remains the favorite to win the mayoral election. A London Center poll by Sawanta last week showed Mr Khan on 50 per cent and Ms Hall on 26 per cent.

    Liberal Democrat candidate Rob Blackie had 10 per cent, Green Party's Zoe Garbett got 9 percent and Reform UK's Howard Cox got 2 percent.

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