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    Scientists have identified similarities between Neanderthals and athletes: “an organism in survival mode”

    Ancient man was mistakenly thought to be weaker than he really was

    Throughout the history of science, Neanderthals have often been portrayed as beings of lower development than Homo sapiens, but recent anatomical evidence refute this is an opinion. Ancient man was distinguished by a strong physique.

    Research published in Quaternary Science Reviews suggests shorter legs and longer toes of Neanderthals were adapted to the dense forest conditions of Europe, which allowed them to move over hilly terrain and hunt effectively.

    Moreover, genetic analysis shows that Neanderthals had a higher prevalence of genetic variants associated with strength and running, suggesting that they were designed for speed and increased power rather than endurance. This is consistent with their likely hunting strategy of ambush rather than stalking in wooded areas.

    Similarities have been reported between the bones of modern swimmers and the Andaman Islanders of the late 1800s, who paddled canoes in search of food. And the shins of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals between 40,000 and 120,000 years old seemed even more robust than those of cross-country runners who ran 100 miles a week from adolescence. Experts have concluded that ancient people traveled everywhere in search of food and to meet their daily needs.

    Moreover, Neanderthals exhibited remarkable physical strength, large muscle mass, and strong bones, possibly under the influence of hormonal factors and a diet rich in proteins and lipids. Archaeological finds indicate that Neanderthals led an intense hunting lifestyle, characterized by face-to-face combat with large prey.

    On average, the lower leg bones of ancient women were the same as those of modern women who do not engage in sports , which proves: in the past, female representatives, as a rule, stayed at home. But the most important discovery was that, if you look at their arms, they were much stronger than even those of rowers.

    Contrary to earlier assumptions, Neanderthals were not just animals, but skilled hunters adapted to their environment, which challenged conventional ideas about human evolution.

    Scientists have long argued that Neanderthal weapons were too heavy to throw and therefore had to hit their prey directly. Compared to throwing from afar, this method of striking would have been high-risk and low-reward—and could have played a role in the eventual extinction of the Neanderthals. But a new study has shown that everything is exactly the opposite, and the spears made by Neanderthals fly well.

    There is a theory that humans have a developed survival mechanism. When resources are depleted, hormones tell the body to direct energy to solving the most important tasks – immune defense and maintaining vital organs. However, the details of this process are unknown and problematic to research. Scientists draw analogies with the help of athletes who are already pushing their bodies to the limit: competing in multi-day or week-long races, covering hundreds of kilometers on foot, by bicycle, rowing boat or other means of transportation.

    “Perhaps it can tell us something about the physiology and endocrinology of their very, very long dead ancestors,” the researchers emphasize.

    Experts already have a proof of concept—evidence that ultra-endurance events actually lead to the body goes into survival mode.

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