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    The level of the Tobol River in Kurgan began to rise noticeably, the governor said

    YEKATERINBURG, April 14 The level of the Tobol River in Kurgan has begun to rise noticeably, the water is approaching the city, Governor of the Kurgan Region Vadim Shumkov said in Telegram -canal.
    “For the last two hours, water has been added twenty centimeters at a time. The current is noticeably increasing. The water has flowed into the city. Now the water level will only increase due to the overflow of the mass of the head of the flood. The floodplain is very wet,” wrote the head of the region.< br />
    The governor emphasized that electricity and gas will be turned off preventively in order to avoid accidents and accidents. Evacuation and rescue teams and warnings are working in all flooded areas. Shumkov once again called on local residents to leave flooded areas.

    The correspondent confirmed that the water in the Tobol River in Kurgan has noticeably increased. Its level increased by 54 centimeters overnight and is already almost five meters. At six meters, flooding of the right bank part of Tobol and the low part of the left bank will begin.
    April 9, 21:15InfographicsSpring floods in the Kurgan region: which areas are at riskView
    As the Kurgan administration noted, the water in Tobol has risen almost to the level of the Malo-Chausovsky Bridge. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as of Sunday morning, 304 houses and 473 household plots were flooded in the region. More than 7.1 thousand people were evacuated preventively, 885 are in temporary accommodation centers.
    The peak of the flood in Kurgan is expected on April 14-15. In the region, 62 settlements, 4,300 houses, 5,550 household plots and 600 summer cottages could be flooded; 18,718 people are expected to fall into the emergency zone.
    April 11, 12:30InfographicsPayments to flood victimsView

    Unprecedented flood

    The regions of the Southern Urals faced record floods this year. The most difficult situation is in the Orenburg region. On April 5, the dam that protected Orsk from the waters of the Ural River broke through. The authorities carried out a mass evacuation.

    A federal state of emergency was introduced in the region. The regional government estimates the estimated damage from the flood at 21 billion rubles.
    The emergency regime is also in effect in the Tyumen region. The water level in the Tobol River, according to Roshydromet forecasts, will exceed 11 meters. The authorities of neighboring Kazakhstan say that the current floods are the largest in the last 80-plus years, and a state of emergency has been declared in some regions of the country.

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