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    They want to present the film “Not on the Lists” based on Vasiliev in 2025

    MOSCOW, April 12The film “Not on the Lists” based on the story by Boris Vasiliev is planned to be presented for the anniversary of the Great Victory in May 2025, the creators of the project reported.
    “”This is a lieutenant's prose about a man who just enters the world and in 300 days becomes the god of war. This is the unknown soldier to whom monuments are erected throughout the country. This man was not on the lists: he is not there, but he exists, and he won . I had a long-standing dream with the actors and students of our theater school to make a movie while on vacation… It’s a very difficult task to go through this spectrum of feelings. Not an easy task, I am aware of this. But such a work on the silver screen is necessary for us they knew where we were from. Especially for the younger generation,” said Vladimir Mashkov, one of the main roles.

    The film also stars Vladislav Miller, Sevastyan Smyshnikov, Sergei Ugryumov, Yana Sexte.

    According to the creators, the main filming period will take place in August this year in Brest. The main goal is to present the film in May 2025 for the anniversary of the Great Victory.
    The film's budget is 800 million rubles. The creators also requested support from the Cinema Fund in the amount of 500 million rubles.
    In the story, nineteen-year-old lieutenant Nikolai Pluzhnikov arrives at his duty station in the Brest Fortress late in the evening of June 21, 1941. Therefore, his name is not on the lists of the unit. The destinies and exploits of Pluzhnikov’s comrades – soldiers and officers who gave their lives in the fight against the German invaders – flash before the viewer.

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