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    Buns with raisins: why Zagitova and Medvedeva are unhappy with their beauty


    If you conduct a survey on which sport has the most beautiful girls, figure skating will be in the top on a par with rhythmic gymnastics. Figure skaters attract millions of viewers to the screens, regularly enter all possible beauty ratings and amaze the eye with their charm. And most importantly, everyone is completely different: here there is the blonde doll Kiira Korpi and the perfect Barbie Alexandra Stepanova, the black panther Vanessa James and the red-haired beast Alexandra Trusova, the head of the course Anna Shcherbakova and the diva Alina Zagitova.

    Nevertheless, athletes are increasingly revealing the sad secret of their own attitude towards themselves. They suffer from insecurity and low self-esteem, no matter how many prestigious lists they appear on or how many swimsuit photos they take. Evgenia Medvedeva recently admitted on the “No Comments” show that she is not very happy with the way she looks in the photographs in the men’s magazine Maxim, although no one in their right mind could have questions about those photographs. They depict a young beautiful girl.


    "For me, this was an experience that was right on the edge of risk. It's not that I'm happy with how I look in the photos. But I realized that for me it was an impetus for developing myself as a woman. “I look at these photos and understand that I’m quite squeezed there,” said Zhenya.

    Anastasia Galustyan, Stanislava Konstantinova, Anastasia spoke about problems with self-esteem at different times Skoptsova, Luna Hendricks and other figure skaters.

    One of the likely causes of problems is a distorted perception of oneself. This is typical for the most part for those who have temporarily or permanently given up competition. While the girls compete, they maintain their weight in wild ways, which is unrealistic in everyday life. And when they finish sports and loosen the grip of the regime a little, their body begins to change rapidly.

    It can be quite difficult to get used to a new reflection, especially since a critical voice (coach, choreographer, mother or even judges) still sounds in your head, scolding your sides, hips, arms, stomach, butt or cheeks.

    The brain is not ready to get used to the new appearance. He compares it with the very dry body of a top athlete at the peak of his form, and in comparison with him anyone will be thrown off the pedestal.

    Another problem is the alienated perception of one’s own body. When anyone can discuss it for many years, when the body is primarily needed to achieve goals and must have a certain weight and shape, and therefore is perceived as a tool, it is difficult for girls to switch to glorifying beauty or at least a basic acceptance of their physicality.
    < br>

    If a body trained to jump a quadruple sheepskin coat grows 15 centimeters over the summer and gains five kilograms, it means that jumping work needs to start all over again. Therefore, coaches perceive the body of their players as an instrument. And, of course, they experience great frustration when the “tool” suddenly fails.

    It’s a paradox, but the enlarged breasts of a teenage figure skater can lead the coach to a natural nervous breakdown, because doing elements with a changed center of gravity very difficult. Therefore, female athletes hear offensive things addressed to them because, for example, their breasts have grown. Which in ordinary life would be completely normal.

    The third factor is the press of public opinion. The expectations of coaches, parents and fans are heightened by attacks from passing commentators on social networks. Plus, girls do not live in a vacuum – on the same social networks they see what they think are ideal bodies. And they dream of being like that. “Like this” is an almost unattainable ideal, because in most cases it consists of angles, posing skills, the right lighting and filters. Well, how can you apply all this to your real self in everyday life? Impossible.

    Few people have such pristine self-love as Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. She is rather an exception in this regard. Lisa openly says that she loves herself, is calm about costume troubles like an unfastened bra and exposed breasts, and does not react to malicious comments at all. In recent years, she has not had any problems keeping in shape, despite the fact that she does not go on crazy diets. Reasonable nutrition, coupled with exercise and a lack of anxiety, seems to have a positive effect on both your figure and your mood.

    Perhaps Lisa's healthy attitude is a consequence of extensive experience and acquired wisdom. It is impossible to perform at a serious level for more than 15 years and perceive yourself through the prism of the opinions of strangers. So all your energy will go into trying to live up to someone else’s ideals. Tuktamysheva preferred to spend it on a triple axel and cool programs.

    So Evgenia Medvedeva, a couple of years after shooting in a men's magazine and ending her career, was able to process her experience into a new sense of self. She became relaxed, confident and charming – partly from accepting her beauty, partly from professional implementation in many new things. It’s as if the raisin bun knew for sure that it was full of raisins, but understood that they love it not only for this.

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