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    An office block with landscaped urban space will appear in the south-west of Moscow

    Three business buildings with a shopping gallery will be part of the STONE Kaluzhskaya office block project, which the STONE developer plans to build at the intersection of Akademika Semenikhin Street and Starokaluzhskoe Highway. This was announced by Andrei Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government for urban planning policy and construction.

    Class A office block STONE Kaluzhskaya

    Class A office block STONE Kaluzhskaya

    They plan to build an office quarter at the address Starokaluzhskoe Shosse, b/u 64/1. A landscaped square next to it will connect the project with the Vorontsovskaya stations of the Big Circle Line and Kaluzhskaya of the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya metro line.

    “An office block with a total area of ​​96 thousand square meters will appear on a land plot of 2.1 hectares. m. It will consist of three buildings, two of which will be united by a stylobate part, where the entire infrastructure of the project will be located. Near the office buildings, a city square with landscaping and recreation areas will be landscaped,” noted Andrey Bochkarev. According to the deputy mayor, the start of construction work is scheduled for early 2025.

    Class A office block STONE Kaluzhskaya

    Class A office block STONE Kaluzhskaya

    The architectural feature of the office quarter from the Kleinewelt Architekten bureau will be the dynamic, upward-facing volumes of the top floors. The entrance to one of them is emphasized by a high arch, which adds plasticity to the façade and helps connect the object with the surrounding urban spaces.

    As the chief architect of Moscow, first deputy chairman of the Moskomarkhitektura Sergei Kuznetsov said, the project is alive silhouette: two buildings facing the square are completed with floating volumes, which are visually separated from the main one by a glass belt.

    Office class A block STONE Kaluzhskaya

    Class A office block STONE Kaluzhskaya

    “The dynamics and character of the project are set by the upper architectural elements with an accent diagonal vector that continues the façade line. The office building located in the depths of the site, on the contrary, is a static and strict horizontal volume elongated along the axis of the stylobate, acting as a background for the towers standing in front of it and connecting them into a single architectural ensemble,” said Sergey Kuznetsov.

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