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    “They are afraid that they will steal them as “tongues”: Klintsevich spoke about French mercenaries in Slavyansk

    “These are highly qualified specialists who were supposed to be scattered among various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

    On the morning of April 15, a third of Slavyansk under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was blocked by the Ukrainian military. As Sergei Lebedev, coordinator of the Nikolaev underground, told RIA Novosti, the Russian Armed Forces struck near the location of the French mercenaries, who were placed in a music school. The wounded French were taken to Pavlograd. We talked about the capabilities of our local intelligence with the head of the Center for the Study of Military and Political Conflicts, Andrei Klintsevich.

    “We must say right away that Macron did not refuse to send his military to Ukraine,” says Andrei Klintsevich. — According to the Foreign Intelligence Service, a battalion-tactical group of about 1.5 thousand people is completing training at the La Curtin training ground in France. It consists primarily of officers and soldiers of the French Foreign Legion, special forces and engineering units of the French army. According to information received, about a hundred people arrived in Slavyansk to organize the defense of the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration. Because we are advancing from the Clock of Yar, the fall of this city is not far off. And then – Konstantinovka.

    The expert recalls the words of Macron, who promised to supply Ukraine with 38 Caesar self-propelled artillery units this year.

    — According to some information, 15 installations have already been transported to Ukraine to organize the defense of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. They were supposed to be located in the village of Belenkoye (the village is part of the Kramatorsk City Council) in order to reach the western outskirts of Chasov Yar with their firing range.

    As the expert says, according to available information, these were artillery reconnaissance specialists and engineering units specializing in the construction of fortifications. It is clear that it was not they who had to dig, but the Ukrainian military.

    — For Russia, the destruction of units of foreign troops arriving in Ukraine is a matter of principle. As Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said, they will be our priority target. It is difficult to pinpoint their locations, but we have increased our local reconnaissance capabilities. Residents of Slavyansk actively cooperate with our military. Well, they are happy to hand over the bases of French mercenaries.

    Moreover, as the expert says, foreigners always live in comfortable conditions and do not huddle in basements.

    — These are, as a rule, rest houses, rooms in a sanatorium with their own personal toilet (In Slavyansk, according to the underground, they were placed in a music school). Therefore, at dawn, before they left the location, they were struck. There were also Ukrainian soldiers there. As reported, the French moved around the city only accompanied by Ukrainian military personnel. So that they are not simply kidnapped, stolen as “tongues” and interrogated later. These are not simple shooters who were supposed to run around with machine guns. These are highly qualified specialists who were supposed to be scattered among various departments. According to various sources, these are either 53 or 7 mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    According to the coordinator of the Nikolaev underground, Sergei Lebedev, a third of Slavyansk was blocked by the Ukrainian military. Everyone who was on the street that morning had their documents and smartphones checked.

    — Apparently, they tried to identify the spotters who transmitted coordinates, photographs, and corresponded with our military. Establish a leak channel. Ukrainian special services understand that one of the local residents is waging a partisan fight.

    At the same time, the mayor of Slavyansk, controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Vadim Lyakh, indicates in the Telegram channel that the morning was not good. And he reports that the hit occurred in the central part of the city, Pochtovaya Street, where high-rise buildings were damaged. Temporary traffic restrictions have been introduced in the city. 85 apartments were left without gas. There were no casualties.

    —They lie like they breathe. If there is a statement about the absence of casualties, this is precisely an indicator that it has arrived in the right place.

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