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    A multimedia exhibition about the Northern Military District opened at the Historical Museum

    MOSCOW, April 18 The multimedia exhibition “Behind the Ribbon,” dedicated to a special military operation, opened at the State Historical Museum a year later in the updated format, the correspondent reports.
    The exhibition will open to the general public on April 19 and will last until June 24.

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    “”This is a new intonation of the project. In another room, the exhibition existed in a slightly different form. It was more multimedia. We decided that in the new intonation it should be more analogue. There are a lot of real photographs, a little less graphics. And most importantly – photographs new and new main characters,” said the author and general producer of the project, Rustam Vakhidov.
    The main feature of the updated exhibition was the emphasis on immersion, which was created using immersive installations. The exhibition included a cinema hall, a lecture hall, rotating and permanent media exhibitions, as well as a museum with artifacts.

    In the main hall, video footage from the SVO zone on a large multimedia wall is accompanied by a sound installation, immersing the visitor in the atmosphere of a combat zone. In the same room there are unusual mirrors in which you can see your reflection next to artifacts, which makes it possible to feel not just a guest of the exhibition, but part of a military performance.
    General Director of the State Historical Museum Alexey Levykin noted that the decision to update the exhibition was due to the fact that it is in demand among the public.

    “”People, when they come, when they read the information that is presented here… it cannot but touch a person's heart. They leave with a feeling of pride, sometimes, perhaps, with a feeling of hatred for the enemy, sometimes, with a feeling of joy for victory. These are normal human feelings, which I believe a museum should encourage,” Levykin emphasized.
    The multimedia art project “Behind the Tape”, prepared by TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov’s charitable foundation “SVR Foundation”, first opened in 2023. The front post office continues to operate as part of the exhibition. Everyone will be able to write words of support to the military, and the SVR Foundation team will hand over the letters to the soldiers. Last year, the foundation’s volunteers sent thousands of letters to the front.

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