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    Details of the arrest of the killer of biker Kovalev: he wanted to flee to the LPR

    During his arrest, he pretended that he did not understand Russian

    “MK” became aware of the details of the detention of a suspect in the murder of 25-year-old Kirill Kovalev in Moscow. Let us remind you that the killer and three of his accomplices were detained this afternoon in the village of Kazanskaya, Rostov region.

    In the photo is Isakhan, who helped the killer leave Moscow.

    According to our information, 21-year-old illegal immigrant Shahin Abbasov from Azerbaijan, accused of murder over a parking space, immediately after committing the crime contacted a 21-year-old relative named Isakhan. Shahin, his brother Shohrat and Isakhan met in Moscow, after which Iskhan took them out of the city in a black Lada Grant.

    Using special means, security forces tracked that the car with the alleged criminals had passed Boguchary (Voronezh region) and was heading to the south of Russia. Since Isakhan’s relatives lived in the Verkhnedonsky district of the Rostov region, the police contacted their colleagues, and local employees checked the addresses where the attackers could be hiding. But in vain. A chance came to the rescue: the district police officer, while processing the application, drew attention to the Granta parked in one of the courtyards, and within half an hour the household was ringed by law enforcement officers who had been alerted. Inside there were women (also Azerbaijanis) and three wanted men. They all behaved calmly, Shahin pretended that he did not understand anything in Russian, and his brother immediately said that he had stabbed his opponent with a knife in a scuffle. Their driver has Russian citizenship and has not yet been found guilty of anything reprehensible. However, investigators have an assumption that the trio planned to move to the LPR. On the social network, Isakhan was subscribed to a thematic group on finding housing in this region.

    Recall that Shahin Abbasov killed biker Kirill Kovalev on Wednesday evening after he asked not to park the car close to the entrance. The murder on Krasnodarskaya Street caused a great stir. First, Shahin's father and uncle were detained, and today the suspect himself was detained.

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