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    Great war: the confrontation between Israel and Iran spreads to other countries

    An explosion occurred at the base of a pro-Iranian unit of the Iraqi army: there are casualties

    Dramatic events in the Middle East continue to develop amid the escalation of the military confrontation between Iran and Israel. The explosion occurred at the base of an Iraqi army unit associated with Iran. Officials have reported casualties, some citing an airstrike against the former anti-ISIS unit known as Hashed al-Shaabi, which is now part of Iraq's regular armed forces.

    According to security sources, an explosion occurred at an Iraqi military base where pro-Iranian paramilitary forces are stationed, The Guardian reports.

    Friday night's explosion occurred at the Kalso base, home to the former pro-Iranian paramilitary group Hashed al-Shaabi, now integrated into the regular army, an Iraqi Interior Ministry source and a military official told AFP.

    A spokesman ministry said the attack killed one person and wounded eight others, while a military source said three Iraqi troops were wounded, AFP reported.

    Reuters news agency reported that two officials blamed an airstrike in the explosion, but they could not say who was responsible.

    In a statement, Hashed al-Shaabi said the attack resulted in “material losses” and casualties, without specifying the number of wounded. The organization said an “explosion” occurred on its territory.

    “Equipment, weapons and vehicles were damaged as a result of the explosion,” a ministry source said.

    Security sources did not reported who was responsible for the attack and did not say whether it was a drone strike.

    On social media, the US military said its forces were not behind the strike. “The United States did not conduct airstrikes in Iraq today,” US Central Command (Centcom) said on Twitter/X, adding that reports that US troops carried out a strike were “untrue.”

    Hashed al-Shaabi, an alliance of mostly Shiite armed groups created to fight the Islamic State (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia), is now part of the Iraqi security forces. The alliance is also known as the Popular Mobilization Forces, the Popular Mobilization Committee or the Popular Mobilization Units.

    The attack on pro-Iranian militias comes amid regional tensions over the war between Israel and Tehran-backed Palestinian militants Hamas, The Guardian notes. .

    On Friday, strikes blamed on Israel hit a military base near Isfahan in Iran, apparently in retaliation for Iran's failed attempt to carry out carpet attacks on Israel using drones and missiles.


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