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    Production of VGV U70 Pro and U75 Plus crossovers starts at a plant in Belarus

    This pair of mid-size SUVs of the Chinese brand will be adapted for the Russian automobile market.

    About the fact that The Chinese brand VGV will enter the Russian car market, it was officially announced at the end of 2023, and in February of this year it became known that the first in Russia would be the mid-size crossovers U70 Pro and U75 Plus (in fact, they are varieties of the same car). The distributor of the brand, Motor Place LLC, today announced that mass production of these SUVs will soon be launched at the Belarusian Unison production site.

    As the company said, the VGV brand intends to organize full-cycle production in the future, and large-scale assembly of machines will be established in the near future. The first batch of vehicle kits for the production of U70 Pro and U75 Plus has already been delivered to the plant located near Minsk. It is reported that the company's employees will assemble the first batch of crossovers together with specialists from the Chinese manufacturer Sinotruk VGV.

    In the photo : VGV U70 Pro

    According to production process manager Lee Joon, the first batch is expected to be completed within two weeks. The General Director of Motor Place LLC believes that the decision to localize the production of models in Belarus will allow the company to “offer Russian buyers full-fledged mid-size crossovers at the price of small-class crossovers.”

    It is known that both models were adapted for the Russian automobile market. In general, the U70 Pro received 169 modified components, and the U75 Plus received 141. The VGV crossovers had their suspension recalibrated, the algorithms of the engines and hydromechanical automatic transmissions were optimized, and the on-board computer was Russified. The engines can be “powered” by AI-92 gasoline. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle for the U70 Pro is 7.8 liters per 100 km, for the U75 Plus – 8.9 liters per 100 km; to accelerate from zero to “hundreds” they take 11.0 and 8.2 seconds, respectively.

    In the photo: interior of the VGV U70 Pro

    As reported earlier, the VGV U70 Pro is equipped with a gasoline 1.5-liter turbo-four , the output of which is 143 hp, and the maximum torque is 207 Nm. It comes paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission. In turn, the VGV U75 Plus will be offered with a 2.0-liter turbo engine producing 199 hp. (380 Nm), paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

    In the photo: VGV U75 Plus 1/2 In the photo: VGV U75 Plus 2/2

    Cars intended for the Russian market were equipped with an expanded “winter package”, which includes heated front seats already available in the base, as well as heated steering wheel, exterior mirrors, windshield washer nozzles, windshield and rear windows. Top versions have the advantage of heated rear seats, a panoramic roof and an electric sunroof, servo drives for adjusting the driver's seat and tailgate, and also a set of electronic driver assistants.

    In the photo: interior of the VGV U75 Plus 1/3 In the photo : interior VGV U75 Plus 2/3 In the photo: interior of the VGV U75 Plus 3/3

    Recall that the U70 Pro and U75 Plus crossovers are offered on the market in as cars in the D-SUV segment. Crossover prices will be announced later. The dimensions of these VGV machines are the same: length is 4825 mm, width is 1870 mm, height is 1691 mm, and the distance between the axles is 2800 mm. The ground clearance for the U70 Pro is 200 mm, for the U75 Plus it is 190 mm. Both models are offered with either five or seven seats. In the first case, the trunk volume is 501 liters, in the second – 201 liters.

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