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    The expert spoke about the Russian analogue of AutoCAD

    MOSCOW, April 19 Russia has a full-fledged analogue of the American industrial software (software) AutoCAD from Autodesk – this is the nanoCAD platform of the Nanosoft company, said Alexander, development director of Glazar LLC Baev.
    On Thursday, the Kommersant newspaper, citing interlocutors in construction organizations, reported that the blocking of the AutoCAD design automation program, including hacked versions, had begun in Russia. According to users, the blocking affected accounts of devices connected to the Internet.

    “There is a domestic analogue of AutoCAD – this is the nanoCAD platform from the Nanosoft company. The file format is the same, the transition from one software to another is seamless. The only full-fledged analogue, as I already said, is the nanoCAD platform,” said Baev.

    In turn, Renat Lashin, executive director of ARPP “Domestic Soft”, said that recently AutoCAD is also being actively replaced by the Russian solution “Compass-graph”. According to him, the level of maturity of the domestic BIM market is quite high.
    Deputy General Director of Renga Software Maxim Nechiporenko explained that the American company entered the Russian market a long time ago; the first versions of AutoCAD appeared in the USSR. Over the years, Autodesk solutions have occupied a large share of the Russian computer-aided design (CAD) market. Thus, according to experts, before leaving Russia, the company’s share in the construction segment of CAD applications was 80-90%, and in the mechanical engineering sector – no more than 30%.
    He added that in March 2024, Autodesk announced a ban on Russian companies using its software. Earlier in December 2023, the 12th package of EU sanctions was released, which contained instructions on the introduction of a ban on the use of specific classes of software, among which the PDM, CAD, BIM classes were mentioned.
    EvApps system administrator Alexey Kuravsky noted that Autodesk activated a previously hidden online license and geolocation verification tool to compare with the terms of legal use. Since the company officially left Russia, the licenses were revoked or declared invalid on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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