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    The junior crossover Li L6 enters the market and costs less than expected

    The Chinese company Li Auto has launched its youngest and most affordable model on the home market – the plug-in hybrid crossover Li L6, its minimum price is 249,800 yuan or 3.25 million rubles translated at the current exchange rate.

    The Li Auto company (aka Li Xiang), which was founded in 2015 by Chinese media tycoon Li Xiang, is well known in our country, although it does not have an official representative office: its spacious and comfortable plug-in hybrid crossovers have replaced many wealthy Russians who left our market European, Japanese and American premium models. In its homeland, Li Auto is the most successful young company independent of large automakers; its sales are growing at an enviable rate for its competitors: in the first quarter of this year, according to CAAM, the Chinese market absorbed 80,402 Li cars, which is 52.9% more than the result January-March 2023.

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    The basis of the Li Auto model range is made up of three crossovers of the same type – L7, L8 and L9; they differ from each other in size, price and equipment, and the design of all is almost identical. All three crossovers, which the L6 joined this week, are range extender hybrids of the sequential type: the internal combustion engine here has no mechanical connection with the wheels and is used as a generator to increase the electric range. In March, the first electric model of Li Auto entered the market – the luxurious and expensive minivan Li Mega, it costs from 559,800 yuan (7.27 million rubles).

    The Li L6 crossover, which went on sale this week, has become the youngest in the plug-in hybrid line; Li Auto’s plans at the moment do not include more compact and cheaper models. Overall length of Li L6 – 4925 mm, width – 1960 mm, height – 1735 mm, wheelbase – 2920 mm. For comparison, let’s say that the overall length of the Li L7 crossover, which is one step higher in the model hierarchy, is 5050 mm, width – 1995 mm, height – 1750 mm, wheelbase – 3005 mm. The Li L6 is equipped with adaptive air suspension, the front suspension is on double wishbones, the rear is multi-link. Standard wheels are 20-inch.

    The 1.5-liter gasoline engine-generator under the hood of the Li L6 produces 154 hp, the wheels are driven by two electric motors – front (177 hp, 220 Nm) and rear (231 hp, 309 Nm), maximum the total output of the power plant is 408 hp. and 529 Nm. The crossover accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, the maximum speed is limited to 180 km/h. A CATL lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 36.8 kWh built into the body floor allows you to travel 212 km on the CLTC cycle or 182 km on the WLTP cycle on one charge without turning on the gasoline engine. The range in hybrid mode is 1,390 km on the CLTC cycle or 1,160 km on the WLTP cycle. Fuel tank capacity – 60 l. Curb weight – 2330-2345 kg, depending on equipment.

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    The five-seater cabin of the Li L6 is designed in the spirit of its older “brothers”: on the front panel, offset towards the passenger, there is a giant display consisting of two 15.7-inch screens. On the central tunnel there are two slots with 50-watt wireless charging for smartphones. The standard audio system has 19 speakers. A 1.26 m2 panoramic sunroof is integrated into the roof. The seats are upholstered in nappa leather, and four of the five are heated and ventilated. Trunk volume – 491 l, with the rear seat backs folded – 1923 l.

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    The basic version of Li L6 Pro costs 249,800 yuan (3.25 million rubles) in China, not 300 000 yuan, as predicted by Chinese media. The advanced version of the Li L6 Max is priced at 279,800 yuan (3.63 million rubles), it has expanded equipment compared to the Li L6 Pro, including an 8.8-liter refrigerator for food and drinks, a more powerful audio system and additional electronic assistants driver. For comparison, let's say that prices for the Li L7 crossover in China start from 319,800 yuan (4.15 million rubles).

    We have no doubt that Russian gray dealers have already ordered Li L6 and soon these crossovers will appear on our roads.

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