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    Marjorie Taylor Greene accused the speaker of betraying America over aid to Ukraine

    Marjorie Taylor Greene leaves Capitol Hill after the April 19 vote. Photo: Andrew Harnick/Getty

    The House speaker was accused by conservative critics of “betraying America” after forcing a vote on aid to Ukraine, ending a months-long impasse in Congress.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has been one of Mike Johnson's fiercest critics, made fresh calls for his removal as Speaker on Sunday, hours after lawmakers approved a $60bn (£48.5bn) Ukraine aid package sterling).

    The bill, which was one of four considered in Saturday's unusual House session, passed with Democratic support.

    Mr. Johnson faced calls from three Republican representatives to resign after he said he was willing to work with Democrats to pass the Ukraine bill and other legislation in support of Israel and Taiwan.

    After the vote, Mr. – Ms. Taylor Greene stated on X: “Mike Johnson betrayed America again.”

    After the vote, Ms. Taylor Greene stated on X: “Mike Johnson betrayed America again.”


    Describing the financing of Ukraine as a “proxy war against Russia,” she added: “House Republicans and the American people would be stronger without his disloyalty and betrayal of his principles.”

    “Now it’s time for my colleagues to go home and hear from their constituents. We need a new Speaker of the House!

    Mike Johnson talks to reporters after the bills passed. Photo: Anadolu/Anadolu

    In the press after the vote, she called the speaker a “lame duck.”

    Her call for an impeachment motion that would remove Mr Johnson is publicly supported by two other Republicans, Thomas Massie. and Paul Gosar.

    Mr Johnson said he would not resign as speaker, which he won after the ouster of his predecessor Kevin McCarthy in October.

    “I am not resigning to resignation,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “And in my opinion, the notion that someone could make a motion to vacate while we're just trying to do our jobs is absurd.”

    Republicans have suggested that a motion to vacate could be submitted as soon as possible. like next week. It is unlikely to pass and will require the support of Democrats, who voted for Johnson's proposal to finance Ukraine.

    Donald Trump, the Republican candidate and politician of the so-called “MAGA” wing of the Party in Congress, supported Johnson at a news conference over the weekend.

    “He's coping really well with very difficult circumstances,” he said.

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