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    Iran's historical sites face shortage of funds during economic crisis

    Iran is one of the top ten countries with the best historical heritage, home to such magnificent places as the Persian city of Persepolis. Photo: E+

    Iran's budget for preserving ancient heritage is a paltry £161 per site and £3,000 per building, the minister lamented.

    Ali Darabi, deputy minister of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts, said that historical The country's monuments are at risk of falling into complete disrepair in the midst of a deep economic crisis.

    “The fact that all this historical grandeur and cultural heritage should be preserved and restored on such a minimal budget is beyond my understanding,” he said Mr. Darabi.

    UNESCO included Iran among the top ten countries with the best cultural heritage indicators. to dazzling destinations such as the Persian city of Persepolis.

    The minister's statement comes as Tehran's spending on missiles and proxy terrorist groups in its war with Israel comes under renewed scrutiny following the country's heavy shelling last week. .

    In December, a US intelligence report named Iran as the world's number one sponsor of terrorist groups, with a third of the population living below the poverty line.

    Last year, Tehran put up some of the country's wealth for sale. The world's oldest historical treasures are being auctioned online as it grapples with national debt and crippling sanctions over its nuclear program.

    At the time, Mohammad Gharipour, one of Iran's leading architectural historians, said the plan “extremely worrying” and it appears to have been done in haste.” He said the lack of research behind the plan was “worrying.”

    Castle Ryen was one of the most significant buildings on the list. This is an adobe castle in the province of Kerman, believed to be 1000 years old and much older. foundations dating back to pre-Islamic times.

    The country residence of Nasereddin Mirza, a Qajar prince, was also put up for sale after its confiscation during the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

    Involvement Involvement of foreign archaeologists cooperation on major projects also poses a challenge for Tehran, as its hostage diplomacy policy makes it a no-go zone for most travelers.

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