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    The courtyard festival in the Zelenodar residential complex brought together neighbors in the complex and residents of nearby houses

    The AVA company organized a grand celebration dedicated to the commissioning of two new letters of the Zelenodar residential complex. This Saturday, new residents were able to meet their neighbors in the residential complex, as well as appreciate the convenience of the local area and the hospitality of the developer.

    Zelenodar residential complex is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​Krasnodar. The courtyards are equipped with areas for sports and recreation, taking into account the interests and needs of people of different ages, and the landscape concept of the residential complex includes a large number of plants. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the holiday for the residents of Zelenodar was held in the style of the Magic Forest.

    The yard was filled with beautiful fairies and butterflies. Tasty treats and a concert by the cover band Mono set a cheerful mood and charged people with good emotions. The holiday ended with a bright show “Magic Flower” and the presentation of gifts to the authors of the most spectacular publications on social networks.

    Representatives of the developer and management company also took part in the event. In an informal atmosphere, they answered the new residents’ questions and accepted possible wishes from those who have been living in Zelenodar for a long time.

    The AVA company assured that this is not the last such holiday in the residential complex. The developer regularly holds events for residents of all its buildings.

    “It is important for us that the residents of our residential complexes feel truly comfortable here. So that neighbors know each other, communicate, and be friends. And from any trip they returned home with joy. Court holidays, which we regularly organize on a “non-yard” scale, are our contribution to the development of a good neighborly atmosphere,” said AVA PR Director Natalya Simontenko.

    Zelenodar residential complex is one of the largest projects of the developer AVA, implemented on the principle of integrated development of the territory. In total, the master plan provides for the construction of ten multi-apartment residential buildings, commercial premises, sports and children's playgrounds.

    Since the beginning of the year, AVA has already issued keys to new apartments in Krasnodar to more than 2 thousand new residents .

    Zelenodar residential complex, developer MODO CAPITAL LLC, project declaration on the website nas.dom.rf

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