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    The thirteenth “Library Night” started in Moscow

    MOSCOW, April 20 The grand opening of the thirteenth All-Russian educational event “Library Night” took place in the Ballroom of the Pashkov House in Moscow, the correspondent reports.
    “I think this is a chance to show that our long, long, long-standing champion regalia – that we are the most reading country in the world – they still rightfully belong to us. I think that this year “Library Night” will beat a lot records,” Vadim Duda, general director of the Russian State Library and curator of the event, told reporters before the ceremony.

    The main events of the action in the RSL this year are taking place in the Pashkov House for the first time. According to the general director of Leninka, the atmosphere of the historical building is a little more consistent with the main slogan of the action “Reading with the whole family”: it is more family-friendly than the atmosphere of the Marble Staircase or the Third Central Hall of the RSL.

    Dozens of people wishing to take part in the action have already gathered in the courtyard of the Pashkov House. Famous Russian writers and actors will meet during the evening with visitors to “Library Night”: Tatyana Tolstaya, Alexander Tsypkin, Leonid Kanevsky, Pavel Basinsky, Konstantin Kryukov, author of the book “The Boy’s Word” Robert Garayev and others.
    The “Library Night” program at Leninka includes events dedicated to the 225th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin – the evening opened with the Brusnikin Workshop’s performance “Eugene Onegin: Lensky Version”.
    Also in the courtyard of Pashkov’s house, the theater group Lumos will present the play “Pushkin. Monologues,” and from 16.30 visitors to Leninka could see the exhibition “What a delight these fairy tales are.”

    The All-Russian educational event “Library Night 2024” takes place on April 20 throughout the country, with more than 6 thousand cultural institutions taking part.

    “Library night” is a tradition that brings together people in love with literature in libraries across the country, a rich variety of cultural, educational and entertainment events,” wrote Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova in her Telegram channel She also congratulated all her colleagues on the All-Russian Library Day and the start of the event, and also emphasized that “Library Night” is a unique opportunity for the implementation of the most daring creative initiatives.

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