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    Jaecoo 7 crossover expected in Russia: new corporate images and details

    According to preliminary data, the SUV will first be offered with a 1.6 petrol turbo engine from the parent company Chery.

    The first public display of the Jaecoo 7 crossover took place last month in Shanghai as part of the presentation of Cherie's new sub-brand – in fact, Jaecoo. Then they released the official promotional video of the SUV. Well, now the network has posted fresh branded pictures of the “seven”, plus some details about the equipment have become known. Recall that the Jaecoo brand will be global, its cars are planned to be sold in the countries of Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The brand will also reach Russia, and we are going to position it as a “senior offshoot” of another brand owned by Chery – Omoda. By the way, the “seven” will also appear in native China, but as a model of the parent company: the cross is still called TJ-1 there. />

    The exterior features of the Jaecoo 7 are a wide radiator grille with vertical wedges, three-tier head optics (LED running lights with “pixel” sections are located on top), retractable door handles and taillights made in the form of a single die (also with “pixels”). Note that the Chery TJ-1 has its own grille, in addition, this crossover will also have an “off-road” version with a more impressive body kit (“seven” is not yet allowed).

    It is assumed that the length of the Jaecoo 7 is 4.45-4.5 meters, the wheelbase is probably the same 2672 mm as the Chery TJ-1 (the length of the parent company's SUV is 4538 mm, but most likely this is an indicator ” brutal” version). Meanwhile, the cross-country Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, well known to Russians, has a distance between the axes of only 2 mm less than that of new products, that is, the models are probably unified.

    Inside, the Jaecoo 7 almost literally repeated the TJ-1, the difference is only in the colors of the finish. Both crossovers received a separate and rather large tidy screen, a multimedia system with a vertical tablet and a two-story central tunnel. The Seven is also promised a panoramic sunroof, all-round cameras and a set of ADAS security systems (its composition has not been disclosed, but, apparently, this is an adaptive cruise, auto-braking systems, lane keeping, etc.).

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    According to preliminary information, the Jaecoo SUV will be available with a 1.6 TGDI petrol turbo four with a capacity of 197 hp. (290 Nm) and a seven-speed robotic box with two clutches. The drive is probably front or full. By the way, in Southeast Asia they already know the acceleration time from standstill to “hundreds”: supposedly it will be 8.9 seconds. Later, the model may also receive an electrified version.

    The Jaecoo 7 will be introduced to the global market this year, and in 2023 the older crossover Jaecoo 9 should appear: this name hides Chery Tiggo 9 with other emblems and nameplates. In Russia, the local office of Omoda will sell the new sub-brand, we are promised two models – also this year. The Russian division of Omoda has not yet officially announced the names of the cars, but since there are only two SUVs in the Jaecoo range today, it is logical to assume that it was about the “seven” and “nine”. However, in Southeast Asia, for example, a third car has already been announced – Jaecoo 5 (so far it is only indicated as a car hidden under a blanket). So we are waiting for the release.

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